New Harmony 600 and Harmony 650 Remotes Debut

Owning a remote that simplifies today’s complex home-entertainment systems is essential to performing even basic activities such as watching TV. Today, I am pleased to let you know that we have announced two new Logitech Harmony remotes that offer one-click activity buttons: the Logitech Harmony 600 and the Logitech Harmony 650.

With the Harmony 600 Remote, you’ll see the commands you need for the devices you’re using on the black & white screen while the Harmony 650 Remote features a color screen and lets you see icons for your favorite channels as well as the commands you need for the devices you’re using.

Both new Logitech Harmony remotes replace up to five other remotes, eliminating the complications and clutter that go with them. After completing the online setup, you just click what you want to do — such as “Watch TV” — and your Logitech Harmony remote automatically turns on the right devices and selects the right inputs.

The Logitech Harmony 600 Remote will be available for a suggested retail price of $79.99 (U.S.) and the Logitech Harmony 650 Remote for a suggested retail price of $99.99 (U.S). Both remotes are expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe in late March.


Product Manager, Harmony Remotes Business Unit


  • Question is, when is Harmony going to get with it and give us a dedicated PVR button so that we don’t have to hut for a button on the side of the screen to get to our recorded shows??? it’s silly that this isn’t here! Everything else is, except that!

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for the input. DVRs have definitely become quite popular over the last few years although with varying degrees of usage.

      Rather than hunting for buttons on the screen, you could adjust the order of commands within your Watch TV activity to ensure the List command is always on the first page. Or, what I do is map my “Menu” button to be my DVR list, since rarely need to access my STB menu system. Other people have used their Clear or Enter buttons if they don’t need those for channel tuning.

      Hope this helps,

  • Response to James above.

    TOTALLY agree. Owned a harmony 550 for a while and the ack of a dedicated “list” button drove me nuts. Everything else is there – I don’t understand what the problem is and why they can’t include this as a hard button.

  • Hi,

    Nice remotes, i see that they look exactly like the Harmony 700 which is a good thing. Im currently using a Harmony 550 and a Harmony 700 and wanted another remote to replace my Harmony 550 which most likely be the 650 as its the same as the 700 minus 1 device control.

    So my question is this,in all im going to have 3 remotes, why is it such a PITA to program. By this i mean Logitech limits 1 email address per remote, Since im the only tech person in the home i had to create another email address just to program my Harmony 700 when i received it, and now i want another “Harmony 650″ i have to go create another address. Why cant all these remotes be managed under 1 email account per home? What is the benefit of 1 email per remote?

    • Hi mados123,

      The Harmony 600 and 650 send infrared (IR) signals. If the Crestron systems are capable of accepting the IR signals sent by the Harmony remote, then it should work.

      I hope that helps.



  • I feel a bit abandoned by the whole HK TC30 thing – where the site barely works at this point. Is there a chance they will ever let it be flashed to work with the regular Harmony site? I have emailed HK to no avail…

    • Hi akatsuki,

      Unfortunately at this time there are no plans to flash the remote so that it will work with the Harmony Remote software.

      To make changes to your account or update your Harmony TC30, I recommend using a computer that uses Windows XP.



  • Are the button on these rubber? They look it from the pictures and if so that makes them very durable. I have always wondered by $7 universal remotes had sturdy rubber buttons and the $100+ Harmony’s had hard buttons that were more prone to breaking.

    I will likely pick one of these up soon to control my downstairs system.

    Why is the 650 on the Logitech website and the 600 not? Neither one seems to be on Amazon yet.

  • what is “Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless” for a feature (see in the datasheet Logitech Harmony 650 Remote)?

    • Hi Marcel,

      This is an error. The Harmony 650 does not support 2.4 GHz Wireless.

      We are working to get that changed.



  • When you say that they replace 5 other remotes, does that mean it is limited to controlling 5 devices? I seem to recall the 700 is limited to 6 devices, while others have a higher limit. Is there a chart or list of how many devices each remote will control?

    • Hi Ron,

      You are correct. The Harmony remote can control up to 5 devices. I have put together a list which outlines the maximum number of devices that the remote can control.

      Harmony 510 – 5
      Harmony 600 – 5
      Harmony 610 – 5
      Harmony 620 – 12
      Harmony 650 – 5
      Harmony 700 – 6
      Harmony 720 – 12
      Harmony 900 – 15
      Harmony 1100 – 15
      Harmony One – 15



    • Hi Joe B.,

      The Harmony PS3 Adapter is compatible with all of our Harmony remotes, including the new Harmony 650 and Harmony 600 remotes.


  • Hmm, my old 680 seems to have a dedicated “Rec’d” button to act as the PVR list function, and controls quite a lot of devices. It seems fairly obvious that the limitations on number of devices controlled are artificial, and leaving off common buttons is another way to tempt you to spend a few more bucks on the next level up. My remote was $110 years ago, and admittedly has been one of the best value for money pieces of equipment I own, but there’s a lot of people that won’t pay for inflated prices. My dad’s 550 on sale at $65 is about the limit most people will spend until they understand what this will do for them… here’s hoping my remote keeps working for the foreseeable future!

  • Looks really nice!
    When you choose compare on the product site it shows that the 600 and 650 have “Advanced 2.4-GHz Wireless”. Is that an another method of “radio control” like the 900 and 1100?

    • Hi Michael_DK,

      The Harmony 600 and 650 do not support 2.4 GHz Wireless. This is an error on the website.

      I apologize for the confusion.



  • Omar,

    Thanks for the list summarizing the number of controlled devices. I have a 670 that has buttons that are getting harder and harder to press with accuracy(pressing down often gets a left response) and am looking to replace it with one of your newer remotes with the red-green-yellow-blue buttons. Unfortunately, Logitech seems to be going backward, as the 700 controls 6 devices, and the 600/650 only 5. I’d like (and will need soon) more than 6 devices controlled. Can you advise me on which would work best? The 900 looks like it will do the trick, but there’s not a remote in the world that is worth $400 to me, especially if the only significant difference between the 650 ($100) and the 900 ($400) is that one controls 5 devices while the other 15. Why the sudden restrictions on the number of devices? It seems counter-intuitive. Will there be a new remote in the 800 series that will bridge the gap?

    Thanks again, Ron

    • Hi Ron,

      If you need it to support more that 6 devices, then the Harmony One would be my recommendation. This is the remote that replaced the Harmony 880. Unfortunately, the Harmony One does not have dedicated color buttons. The color buttons appear on the LCD screen of the remote.

      None of the newer models (with color buttons) support more than 6 devices.

      I hope this helps.



  • Great to see it has color display. Is it TFT display for harmont 650? What’s the LCD resolution for it?

    • Hi Rex,

      The Harmony 650 LCD is a CSTN display with a 128 x 128 resolution.



  • Hi, I’m interested in the 600 & 650, but need to know if they are compatible with the Samsung home theater and the Vizio HDTV. Thanks.

  • Hi.
    I’m new to these types of remotes.
    Do they preform every function of my current remotes? (as long as they’re listed, I know)
    Or will I still need the remotes for some functions?

    • Hi Jeff,

      They are designed to replace your original remotes.

      If there is a button on your original remote that is not in our database, you can have the Harmony Remote learn the code from the original remote and you can then program it to a button on the Harmony Remote.



  • I’m confused. I just borrowed a friend’s Harmony 700 and was going to buy one. Other than the color screen on the 600, and the rechargable batteries, what do I lose if I get a 600 or 650 instead of a 700. They look very identical…

    • Hi Jeff,

      The only other difference is that the Harmony 700 controls up to 6 devices. The Harmony 600 and 650 controls up to 5 devices.



  • I’m not familiar with the capabilities of remotes.

    Is it possible to program them such that pushing one button will internally mute my tv so that audio is passed to my AV receiver, turn on the AV receiver, select the correct source and then allow me to control the sound on the AV receiver and change channels on my cable providers box?

  • I really love the specs on the new Harmony 650 remote, but the Compatibility chart doesn’t mention my brand of LCD TV, namely the Olevia line. I do have the Olevia remote control, so I suppose I could teach the 650 the button layout if that helps)

    • Hi Chuck,

      We do have several Olevia TV’s in our database. Please provide me with the model number for your TV and I can look to see if we have it or have something similar.



  • It’s planned to develop a remote control that can finally once control home automation devices (z-wave, Zigbee, X10) ?

  • Until yesterday I had a harmony one which I loved. My baby got to it -droped it on a hard floor and smashed the screen. So I am now in the market for a new remote….I don’t need bells and whistles just one that will do what I need which is TV,-DVR,-I-poddoc and hopefully Blueray one day. Will the harmony 600 do the trick and if my system was compatible with the harmony one will it automatically work with the 600? I am assuming the programing form my harmony one is still there any way I can transfer it to the 600 without having to reprogram??? I had it professionally installed the first time but will have to do it myself this time…I would be most greatfull for your advice. Thanks

  • What is the size/length of the bit memory that can be learned by a key in the Harmony 650?
    Is it larger than 1024?

    • Hi Gary,

      The Harmony 650 can learn IR commands that are within the frequency range of 10 – 60 kHz.

      Is there are particular device that you are trying to learn from?



    • Hi Brandon,

      I took a look and it doesn’t look like we have the Olevia 232t in our database. However, we do have similar models. We have the Olevia 242TFHD and 242t11. These look like they are the 42 inch versions of your TV.



  • Add me to the list of people extremely bothered by Logitech’s decision to gimp their remotes to only allow 5 devices, to push people to their high-dollar versions. From your own chart plus your other responses, it’s clear that is the main differentiator between the low end and high end models.

    I have the XBox 360 version of the Harmony remote, which I’ve always thought was the best remote for use with a DVR. It has the four-color buttons, two of which were labelled “Guide” and “Live”, just like my DVR controls. I could use one of the color buttons for my DVR list, too – without have to repurpose one of the other buttons (“no honey, I know it says CLEAR but it really pulls up the DVR list”. And it is not limited to 5 devices, yet was in the same price range as the ones that are now 5-device limits.

    I was extremely excited to see the four color buttons on these new devices (please keep this as a standard), but was deflated by the 5-device limit. I just can’t buy one with that limitation.

  • I have 6 pieces of equipment with 6 remotes some of these remotes must be on the same frequency which is a problem that they operate more than the one you want. how will Harmony cope with this problem if at all.

    Regards Geoff

    • Hi Geoff,

      The Harmony 600 and 650 will function exactly as your original remotes do. It will send the same Infrared (IR) commands to control your devices, therefore if you have more than one device that work of the same IR codes, then both will respond.

      The Harmony 1100 with the additional RF Extender or the Harmony 900 with the additional IR Precision Kit will allow you to control each device independently. Using the RF Extender on the Harmony 1100, you can assign each device to a specific port on the RF Extender and by sticking on the IR cables over the IR sensor on your devices, you can control each one independently without any interference.

      The Harmony 900 with the IR Precision Kit works the same way.

      I hope this helps.



    • Hi Geoff,

      The problem you are describing is exactly what a Logitech Harmony remote solves! We get lots of emails from customers interested in buying a Logitech Harmony remote but wanting to know whether our remotes work with their devices before making their final purchase. There is an easy way for you to find the answer yourself here:

      Although we update our device list regularly, there are always new devices entering the market. Have no fear – a Harmony remote can easily be taught to control any device. In fact, by adding new devices, you are contributing to our growing database and the device will be there for others who are looking for it in the future.

      Since you have six remotes, I assume you have at least 6 devices. In that case, I’d recommend checking out the Harmony 700 or Harmony One. However, if you have your devices behind a closed cabinet and there is not direct line-of-sight for control, the Harmony 900 would be the best option for you. Enjoy!


  • When is it being released in Australia? and for how much?

    Im not really concerned that the remote is limited to 5 devices
    LG TV (with DVR), BluRay (PS3), Sony 7.2 sound system, LG DVR (HDD DVD).
    only use up four…. i could add my pc to the list…. but i wont.

  • We have an old 8-in-1 Radio Shack universal remote that we paid $70 for that has been great, but our new Sharp HDTV and Dish Network DVR remotes have so many different buttons that some don’t show up on the remote at all and others have been assigned to buttons that describe a totally different function. It’s driving my wife crazy, so she is using three remotes. If we get a Harmony 650, will it show those button names? The button names I’m specifically talking about are for TV: View Mode and Input. For the Dish/DVR they are Skip Back, Skip Forward, Swap, PIP and Search.

    • Hi Tom,

      First let me start off by explaining that the Harmony 650 remote is an Activity based remote. This means that when you press the Watch TV button, it will send the signals to power on your TV, DISH Network DVR and set your TV to the correct input. The buttons on your TV are then configured to control your devices. For example, Channel +/-, Guide, Info, etc… would control the DISH Network DVR, while Volume +/- would control the TV.

      When you select the Watch TV Activity, the View Mode button for your TV which I assumes changes the Aspect ratio between Wide, Full, etc… would appear on the LCD of the remote. Since the Harmony Remote does the input switching for you, there really isn’t a need for the input command, but if you really wanted to add it to the Activity, you could. The Skip Back and Skip Forward commands for your DISH DVR would be assigned to the Skip Back and Skip Forward buttons on the Harmony Remote. You would then need to customize the buttons in your Watch TV Activity to add Swap, PIP and Search.

      The buttons on the Harmony 650 are customizable, so even if they are not there by default, or you want to change the function of a button, customizing the buttons is simple. For more information on customizing the buttons on the Harmony 650, refer to this article



  • I can’t seem to find the specifications on the 600 or 650. When the batteries are removed how long will the remote(s) retain their programming?

    • Hi 4theheelz,

      The Harmony 600 and 650 each have 2MB of non-volatile flash memory. Your settings are stored on the flash memory and therefore, when the batteries are removed the Harmony remote does not loose any of your settings.



  • I am just about to buy the Harmony 670. should I wait until these two come out instead? What is the difference? I have DVR and Tivo, DVD player, can watch TV on input 1 and 3 through 2 different cable boxes (one for DVR and the other so I can Tivo) + a Wii.



    • Hi lei,

      While the Harmony 670 will control the same number of devices as the new Harmony 650, you may like the updated button layout better on the Harmony 650, especially for DVR and Tivo controls.


  • Hi Omar,

    Do you know the release date for the Harmony 650 and what stores will be carrying it (Best Buy?)? I’m sick and tired of juggling four remotes and would like to get it as soon as possible.


  • The 650 just became available on The 600 appears to be available in Europe, but there is no sign of it in the US.

  • Hello,

    I have always wanted a harmony but not really able to afford one that did all I needed. I am very interested in the 650. Although recently I switched to a setup of using windows media center. I use a PC as my base with a sharp hd tv and a sony AV receiver. I checked the site and all are compatible, but I have questions about how the remote may or may not work with the actual program of windows media center. If I press “watch tv” does the remote have the capability to be programmed to turn on the tv, the receiver, the pc, open windows media center and go to the tv guide inside of WMC. Same thing for movies….would it be able to open WMC and go to my netflix inside? I am using your mini dinovo right now, which i love for its keyboard function but unfortunately i cannot program it to turn the tv or the receiver on and off or volume control…which is a little aggravating. i dont suppose the 650 is capable of inputting text?


    • Hi Mandy,

      The Harmony 650 can definitely achieve what you want it to do as long as your PC has an IR receiver. You would simply add your TV, AV Receiver and PC (as a Media Center PC) to your Harmony Remote account. Once you have added the devices you can create Activities such as Watch TV, Watch My Videos, just to name a couple. Starting the Activity would power on the TV, AV Receiver and PC and set each one to the appropriate input. You could even add commands to the start of the Activity, that would set the WMC to go to the TV Guide or Netflix. You can customize each Activity as you would like.

      As for inputting text, it really depends on whether the IR receiver for your PC supports the feature.

      I hope this helps.


  • Hi – I would also like to know when the Harmony 650 will be released and what stores will be carrying it. Thanks -

    • Hi Paul (and Ryan),

      The Harmony 650 is expected to be available in April (towards the middle of the month) and Best Buy and Amazon will carry the product in the U.S.


  • I checked the specs again on the web site and the 650 says it does NOT have backlite keys. Does it or does it not?

    • Hi Bill,

      I checked the “Compare Remotes” feature on and you are right. It displays that the Harmony 650 does not have Backlighted buttons. This is an error and I have notified our team to correct this.

      The Harmony 600 and 650 both have Backlighted buttons.

      I apologize for the confusion.



  • I have a 670 model with a blank screen! Have you found a resolution to this problem?

  • I got the 650 from Amazon last night and was eager to make it work. The remote technically worked, but it didn’t help me a lot. It worked because it recognized all of the commands on my devices. It didn’t help me because it almost never get to the right input source on the first try. My TV remote has two source buttons for digital (PC) and analogy (video) sources, and I need to toggle to the right source with each button (i.e. To watch TV I cycle through the digital button DTV, HDMI1, HDMI2, VGA and YCBCR2 to get to HDMI1. To watch a DVD, I cycle through the analog button TV, AV1, AV2, YCBCR1, Video, to get to YCBCR1). The activity setting is almost always one button press short of the right source (for TV and DVD). My question is, if Harmony programs simply by counting the number of toggles, can it get to the right source consistently? Depending on which source it was on when the TV was turned off, the number count will need to be different to get to the intended source. Can’t it just program by the right NAME of input source instead? Thanks.

    • Hi Lance

      Yes, your Logitech Harmony 650 can select the correct input when switching between activities every time. The Harmony remote will keep track of the last input it selected and will send the appropriate commands to get to the next needed input. For example if you Watch TV on HDMI1 and need to go to YCBCR1 for Watch a DVD, then the Harmony will know to send four Analog commands to your TV. Your television sounds like it works on a multiple input method of separate input lists (analog & digital) that you would toggle through to get to the correct input. There are a few televisions that work in this manner and one example is Vizio. Please see the following FAQ as an example of how to fix such an issue. The key steps listed would be to remove and re-add the current TV from your account if you manually adjusted settings on that device. Then after you update ensure you use the Help button on the Harmony remote to synchronize the first few times you try an activity.

      If you still require assistance after trying this, please contact our Customer Care team by clicking on ‘Support’ in your Harmony Software.

  • I sent you a post last Friday about a problem I experienced with the new 650 remote. The message was waiting to be moderated. Now it’s disappeared completely from view. What happened.

    • Hi Lance,

      I’m not sure what happened – we didn’ see your original comment. We’ll be happy to take a crack at it if you’ll post it again.


  • We are thinking about the 600 after our beloved 550 was killed by our dog :) However, we do not want a remote that must be docked to charge batteries. Do the 600 and 650 require recharging on a dock or can they be run with regular batteries?

    • Hi Martha,

      Sorry to hear about your Harmony 550.

      The Harmony 600 and 650 use 2 regular AA Alkaline batteries. It its not a rechargeable remote.



  • I’m having a tough time determining if the Harmony 650 can be used with the Logitech Harmony Remote RF Wireless Extender? I’m going to have 3 components in a closed cabinet.

    • Hi Tom,

      The Harmony 650 is not compatible with the Harmony RF System. The Harmony RF System is an accessory for the Harmony 900.

      What you need is the the Logitech Harmony IR Extender System. This is compatible with any remote and will allow you to control your devices inside a cabinet.

      The Harmony IR Extender System includes an IR receiver, 1 blaster and 2 mini blasters. It works by placing the IR receiver in a location where it has clear line of sight from the remote that you are using. The IR receiver then relays the signal to the blaster and mini blasters so they can send the signals to your devices located in a cabinet.

      Here is the link to the Harmony IR Extender System Quick Start Guide. It explains the how you would setup the IR Extender System.



    • Hello Tom,

      No the Harmony 650 cannot be used with the RF Wireless Extender. The Logitech Harmony RF Wireless Extender can only be used with the Harmony 890, Harmony 1000, and Harmony 1100. The Logitech Harmony RF System can only be used with the Harmony 900.

      If you are trying to control device hidden in a closed cabinet, you need an IR Extender. The Logitech Harmony IR Extender can be used with the Harmony 650 (or any other Harmony remote that sends IR) to relay the IR signal over a wire to the Blaster which can be located in a closed cabinet.

      Here’s a link,


  • I inadvertently removed all of the settings from the program, but the settings are still on the remote.

    How can I transfer the settings from the remote to the computer program? I am using an 880.

    I see the link above to transfer the settings from one remote to another, but I don’t think that will work in this case. Perhaps if I connected the remote and created a new acct?


    • Hi Pocketdoc,

      Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer the settings from your remote back to your account. You will need to use the Harmony Software to manually add your devices and Activities back into your account.



  • Echoing Norm- will the Harmony 600 be available in the United States in April? Or is it being held back due to the release of the Harmony 300?

    Much thanks!

  • When will the 650 be available in Canada? It was on the Logitech Canada website for weeks, and now suddenly upon release in the US, the remote isn’t even viewable on the Canadian site any more, let alone, on sale.

    • Hi Norm,

      The Harmony 600 will be available at CompUSA stores and Target in early May.



  • I’m interested in buying the Harmony 600, but I see it costs €59.99 on the site. If it was just one cent more, €60 I could avail of the free shipping on items over €60 from the Logitech site. Instead I’d have to pay an additional almost €12 shipping! Very annoying.

    Any chance you could raise the price by one cent!

  • I have recently purchased the Harmony 650. I am trying to get it to fully function my Bose wave radio CD-3000 with a Bose CD changer (no model number) and BOSE I POD dock (no model #). The I POD dock came with a remote fro I POD control labeled Accoustic Wave System II. Bose tech support was no help. My question is do you know of a model # I can input for my Bose (mini disk player) to get IPOD functionality from my Harmony 650.

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