New: Logitech Touch Mouse Turns Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Wireless Trackpad and Keyboard

UPDATE: For more info on how to install the Logitech Touch Mouse app, check out our video walkthrough.

iPhone and iPod touch owners: If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, go to the iTunes App Store and download our cool new Touch Mouse app. It turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your computer, so you can point, click, scroll and type from afar, in any application, on a Mac or PC.

It works over Wi-Fi, so you can use it anywhere in your house and is a great way to control your computer when it’s connected to your TV and you’re lounging on the couch. And to make typing easier, text is displayed on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch as you type, so you can see what you’re doing without having to continually look up and down.

And the best part is, the app is free!

Download Touch Mouse in two-steps:
1) Get the Touch Mouse App for your iPhone or iPod touch from the App Store
2) Download Touch Mouse Server software and install it on your computer.

You’ll find instructions when you download the Touch Mouse Server software on

Once you’re up and running, Touch Mouse will allow you to take advantage of the following features:

  • Multi-touch trackpad with the option for two or three mouse buttons
  • Two-finger scrolling
  • Keyboard with Control, Alt, Command/Windows keys
  • On-screen text display while typing
  • Show or hide the keyboard at any time
  • Trackpad and keyboard are available in landscape and portrait modes

Give it a “scroll” and let us know what you think!


Senior Product Manager, Logitech


  • Touch mouse server keeps using my loopback address ( which prevents me from connecting. Any ideas?

  • This is an awesome app. Logitech should release a bluetooth dongle for my PC that the iPhone can pair with and I will buy 4 of them. Can iPhone apps access bluetooth? Surely, get on it.

    Excellent app. Well done.

  • i have no idea when it’s released.. might be yesterday? Anyways.. i can’t get it to work.. suggestions are welcome..

    it does find my pc on the network
    program is added in firewall
    still.. can’t connect to my pc. with offcourse program running , (windows 7, 32 bit)

  • mac app server does not work. iphone app can’t find server and doesn’t like my i.p. address.

    what to do, what to do?

    • Are you using OS X 10.4? If so, it’s not supported. The support requirements are incorrect and are being fixed to say 10.5 or 10.6.

  • Does touch mouse app conflict with existing logitech bluetooth mouse. I have di novo and mx5500? Thanks

  • Only thing it is missing is some security… I wouldn’t like just anyone who happens to have an iphone to be able to connect to my Logitech touch mouse server… would be good if you could set a password on the server that you need to connect to it

  • Works great for me, though the mouse is a lot more sensitive than my laptops usual trackpad.

    What I’d really like to see is for apple to make it easy for developers to make their own custom keyboard and mouse programs that utilize the bluetooth chips in their devices. A gesture based keyboard/mouse combo where you just had to slide your fingers a little to press any key would be money on the iPad.

  • The app store says this app is not available outside the US? Why can’t we download this app in Canada?

  • How secure is it? What’s to stop someone with a random phone just connecting to your computer, or someone snooping on all your typing?

  • Great app. Looks like a solid competitor to Air Mouse Pro. Any chance for some basic media control keys?

  • It would be nice if this app was available in the Canadian iTunes store… I can’t see why it wouldn’t be available outside the US. Please help!

  • Hey Logitech, where’s the love? Why not let use Logitech users in Canada have access to this app?

  • can you incorporate this into the SetPoint software?

    i have Logitech keyboard and G5 mouse, both are using SetPoint and it would be fantastic if iphone app also able to connect to SetPoint.

  • When will this be available outside of the US iTunes store? It would be nice to be able to use it up here in Canada…

  • If only I knew about this app being released today, I wouldn’t have spent USD120 on the Logitech DiNoVo mini! Arrrgh! Anyways, great app Logitech! 2 thumbs up! Works great on a Mac! Though there were times when the mouse selected some text and I couldn’t deselect it when clicking elsewhere. Other than that, the only down side is there isn’t a up-down-left-right pad :) @Paul Cherry agree with you on the BT dongles :)

  • Can we get something like this for the n97 / 5800 please? I can understand the iPhone/ iTouch are prob better size, but I wanna be able to control my compy!

  • There are alternatives out there, but I am a Logitech fan and this looks excellent. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available on the Canadian iTunes stire. Coming soon?

  • Now, if only it was available to the rest of the world. App store in Canada doesn’t have it yet. When will companies start releasing free stuff to everyone, not just the US.

  • Nice. I like how the keyboard in this includes full Ctrl, Alt and Win key functionality, as opposed to RemotePad’s, which doesn’t include those keys.

  • I have something like this on my android as well it works with the touchscreen and keyboard. I use it to control my laptop when its hooked up to my TV. it’s remotedroid also free.

  • Any chance this will be done for the zune as well? This is exactly the kind of software I’d want on one but I dont’ really want an ipod touch. (Looking at a zone HD or possible the rumored zune phones on the horizon.)

  • This is a great app to drop on us for free. I still prefer AirMouse Pro though. If you were to work in Hulu desktop and Media Center specific buttons, I think this app would own all the other iPhone apps. No worries though, I still buy all my mice from you! =)

  • Hi.. this is great and all.. but it would be amazing to see this app work with the Harmony family’s wireless extender.. I would love to be able to use my iphone with my entertainment system via wifi.

    Food for thought.

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