New: Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

Today I am pleased to announce our newest gaming keyboard, the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110. As the successor to the G11, it has the following features:


Customizable backlighting: We put in red and blue backlighting LEDs and give you control in the Profiler software over how they are mixed together, so your G110′s backlighting can be red, blue, or pretty much any shade of purple you can imagine.

G110 keyboard_TOP_Blue G110_TOP_RedLed_72_dpi

12 programmable G-keys and three M-keys: Give you the power to assign up to 36 single keystrokes, multi-key macros, or intricate LUA scripts. And, using the MR key, you can configure macros on the fly. The Profiler software also allows you to configure each M-key mode to have a different color backlighting, so you can know at a glance what mode you’re in.


Automatic game detection: Lets you create separate custom G-key programming profiles for every game you play.

Game mode switch: Easily disable the Windows and Context Menu keys, so that accidentally pressing them doesn’t kick you out of your game.


Integrated headset support: Works with any standard headphones or headset with 3.5mm plugs, like the Gaming Headset G330, and turns them into a high-quality USB audio device.

G110 Keyboard Connection

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port: Plug your flash drive or favorite gaming mouse into this convenient low-power port.

G110 Keyboard back

One USB cable: Unlike other gaming keyboards with these features, the G110 gives you convenient audio jacks and a USB hub port without a tangled mess of cables at the back of your computer. All you need is one available USB port.

Mac and PC software included: Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, we’ve got you covered.

The Gaming Keyboard G110 will retail for $79.99.  It will be available in North America starting in late November, and in Europe in January.


Global Product Marketing Manager

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  • Great looking keyboard! Looks like it’s exactly what I want, however, I JUST purchased a G11 about three weeks ago… any chance of a trade-in with Logitech? Or any other way that I could be helped out? Might be a long-shot, but I figured I’d check anyway. I’m loving my G11, but this G110 far surpasses it.

    • Hi BillyDragon,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your G11. We had a lot of fun working on it. :)

      With regard to your question – unfortunately, there are no such trade-in programs in place, and it is very unlikely that we would have one.

  • I have this reall odd keyboard I got with my alienware PC like way back in 2001,

    This alienware keyboard has a really strange non standard layout that i have never seen on any other keyboard ever.

    It is not a usa layout and I can not find out what kinf of keyboard layout this is called.

    But this keyboard has become my fav keyboard I tried going back to the OLD standard USA layout and I don’t care for it as much.

    It is obviously it is not backlighted or even USB, So i have been looking into geting a lighted keyboard so I can see it in the dark(and it look sweet) and it is just basic no macros.

    Will Logitech ever offer a keyboard with this odd style of keys or something like it? I have seen other from another country that looks like this odd alienware keyboard I have used for years but they are either not lighted or have non english keys…

    See picture of odd alienware keyboard and keys here.

    also see the closeness of the arrow keys to the place where the page down/page up spot is? I liek that a lot it menas i can push the arrowkeys on some games and still hit the keys at the top with the same hand since there is not a gap there.

    And………………… Does the G-110 or g19 function as a normal usb keybaord without drivers?

    Like lets say I want to plug it into a device that uses standard usb keyboards will it work as a normal keyboard without drivers?

    • Hi Oddkeyboardguy,

      I’m unable to comment on what we might do in the future, but I can say that I am almost certain Logitech has not shipped a keyboard to retail with that layout in the past.

      The G110 and G19 do not require you to install the included software in order to function as keyboards. Only the G-keys, the Color GamePanel LCD, and the backlighting color change functions require an install of software.

      One item to note – because they have integrated USB hubs, they may not work in some situations where the environment you are plugging them into does not support a keyboard attached to a USB hub (some BIOSes, etc.)

  • “One USB cable: Unlike other gaming keyboards with these features, the G110 gives you convenient audio jacks and a USB hub port without a tangled mess of cables at the back of your computer. All you need is one available USB port.”

    This is something I can get behind. Why have a mess of cables tucked behind your computer when you can have it in front of you?

    • Hi Ralph,

      The underside of the G110 also features cable routing channels, so that what’s in front of you can be both convenient and less of a mess. ;)

  • Just curious if your run you headphones through the keyboard and its using usb to plug into the pc, does that mean you will be bypassing your sound card all together like most usb headsets or are you still able to use the sound card in the computer to control it. I have dolby headphone on my sound card which I like to use and I was wondering if this would still be possible if you ran the headphone through the keyboard.

    • Hi Seantos,

      The G110′s audio jacks do not connect in any way to your sound card, so adjusting features in that sound card will not affect the sound coming out of a headset plugged into the G110. It is a distinct, separate audio device.

  • Hi again,

    As a follow-up to my question, I understand that the layout between G-Series keyboards are made consistent. What I want to know though is that why not the layout I described was not exactly considered? If not an official response, I just want to know if is that because that is what the market really wants, etc?


  • So, whats new compared to G11? G11 has 18 progammable g keys, g110 has only 12. G11 also have 3 m keys, just as g110 does, and the game mode key. Is the difference the following:

    usb2.0, headset support, red light?

  • Whoo, just built a new rig and was looking for a gaming keyboard to go with it! Got a few questions though:

    1. I saw the G19 has a Multi-key Input feature, where you can use five keys at once. Does this keyboard also have that feature? If not how many simaltaneous key presses can it support? (I lost count of the stupid moves I had to do in games because of the computer going “beep” when I push more than 2 buttons or so)

    2. Colors: I see that this is a bit more limited compared to the G19. I love green, so I ask will it be possible to have a green color? If not, would it be realistic to expect a software update in the future that might include more colors?

    3. How is the feel of the keyboard? Are the key presses like the G15 and G19? Or is it unique?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi SomeDude,

      The G110 has similar multi-key performance to the G15 keyboard, in that the area around the WASD keys has been optimized to allow for more simultaneous keypresses than non-gaming keyboards. It does not feature full five-key simultaneous input across the entire keyboard like the G19 does.

      There are only two colors of LED in the G110 – red and blue. It is not possible for software to make them green.

      The key feeling on the G110 is very similar to both the orange G15 and the G19.

  • Hey I was wondering when this is going to release in the US. I’ve looked all over and I can’t seem to find it. I really want to get this for my new setup I’m about to get. Also is this better than the g15? I don’t think I need an LCD screen because all that stuff is usually already on the computer screen. Thanks.

    • Hi Otto,

      It will be available for online sales in the US in mid to late November. You can also pre-order it from various websites, including ours.

  • May I know if it’s possible to do special delivery to Singapore before your launch date at end Nov? I want to purchase it for my friend’s birthday which is coming in a week’s time! Sob…

  • Hello, Do you know when will the keyboard be available in Israel (counts as europe?)?
    I can consider my keyboard as drums Oo and i really need a new keyboard :P
    Oh and, do you know how much will it cost in Israel? 79.99$ as well?

    • Hi NImrod,

      All of EMEA is serviced by our European warehlouse, so distributors in Israel should be able to order the G110 from there when it arrives in January. If and when units will ship to Israel is a much more difficult question to answer, and I recommend talking to local retailers about it to get a better idea. Pricing will be roughly equivalent to €79,99.

    • Hi Baby,

      The G110 will be available for distributors in Asia to order in late November or early December. When and whether it will come to Malaysia depends on Malaysian distributors ordering it. I would recommend checking with local shops to see if they have information about it, and to express an interest in ordering it to them.

  • Chris, this keyboard looks great but I have one concern. I use a switch that allows me to use a monitor and keyboard on two different computers at the same time. That switch has a PS2 input for the keyboard. Do you know if there is a PS2/USB adapter that will work well with this keyboard? Thanks.

  • Chris, not to belabor the point . . . but has it been tested with any of the PS2/USB adapters that are available on the market? I just want to be clear that what you’re saying is that this keyboard will not work with an adapter, is that right? Thanks, again.

    • Hi Steve,

      The G110 will absolutely not work on a PS/2 port even with a PS/2 adapter. It is a USB-only device, and cannot communicate with a PS/2 port.

  • @ Oddkeyboardguy

    Not sure exactly what you find ‘odd’ about the layout of that keyboard, but it looks like a standard UK/European design with a bigger enter key, though not all of them have such a small backspace. The Steelseries 7G is very similar in layout, but is not backlit. If you want one that is backlit have a look at the Saitek Eclipse (original not II or III):

  • Hello again. I saw your responses on some websites and I loved how dead straight you were on to the point. I have more queries with regards to this keyboard as I’m trying to make up my mind between this and the G19 for my gaming rig:

    1. I see it’s possible to adjust brightness levels of backlighting on this keyboard. Is this a feature that the G19 does not have?

    2. I saw on another website where you replied on a question as to why this keyboard does not have RGB colors but is only limited to Red and Blue (and shades of it) due to needing an additional power supply since it also has a USB 2.0 port. Would it be realistic to wait for the release of an RGB version without a USB 2.0 port? Also, is there a link where can find information on future Logitech products other than review/news sites? Furthermore, is this keyboard capable of getting a white backlighting color by adjusting shades?

    3. How is the durability of the keyboard (including not wearing out)? Is it at the same level as the G19, better, worse?

    4. I heard ASUS motherboards have issues with G series keyboards. Is this only the case with regards to opening the BIOS? Does this keyboard have the same issue as well? And what would be the best way to get rid of this issue if so, a BIOS flash to an updated version?

    5. appears to have this keyboard in stock already. . Does this mean the keyboard is released?

    I apologise for the bombardment of yet more questions but I hope this will be able to help out those who are thinking of purchasing various Logitech products like me.

    Kind regards.

    • Hi SomeDude,

      Sorry for the delay in answering your questions – I missed seeing your post somehow until today.

      1) In both the G110 and the G19, the color of the backlighting is changed by adjusting the intensity of the different colors of backlighting LEDs. Since changing the brightness of the LEDs affects the color of the backlighting on these keyboards, there is no dedicated brightness adjustment button on these keyboards – only a backlighting on/off button. Backlighting brightness is set as a function of the backlighting color selected.

      2) We don’t announce information about future products until they’re ready to ship. So if it’s not on the website, I’m really not at liberty to talk about it. As far as white goes – without green (or white) LEDs it is not possible for the keyboard to have white backlighting.

      3) The G110 and the G19 use an identical manufacturing process with regard to their keys, and should have identical wear and durability characteristics.

      4) The issues we’ve seen with some motherboards are entirely related to the way that these motherboards handle keyboards that are connected behind a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed hub. Since from a USB standpoint both the G110 and the G19 are connected (internally) to a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed hub, the behavior of these motherboards is the same with either keyboard connected. Some users have had success with these boards when a feature called “EHCI handoff” is disabled in the BIOS. A true fix would need to come from the motherboard manufacturer (or chipset manufacturer), though, because at its core this is an issue with the way the motherboard chipset handles USB timing while the PCIE bus is being stressed with large amounts of data – e.g. SLI video cards rendering a game at high resolutions and framerates.

      5) As you can see below, a couple people have already received their G110s, so it’s definitely available in the US. :)

    • The G110 will be available for Canadian distributors to order when it arrives in our North American warehouse around the end of November. When it actually gets to Canada depends on a number of factors, including when (or whether) Canadian distributors order it, when (or whether) retailers order it from them, potential customs delays, and a number of other factors. My best estimate is that it could be available in Canada in late November or early December, but I do not have a better idea than that. I would recommend checking with a local Future Shop or Best Buy to get more accurate information.

    • Hi Malik,

      The G110 has red and blue backlighting LEDs, so you can have the keyboard be red, or blue, or you can adjust the intensity of either type of LED to get different shades of purple. You can have anything from a light pinkish hue to something deep and almost blue. There are four preset values, but you can easily customize the color in the software to be a different shade if you don’t like the preset.

    • Hi Utsav,

      It’s difficult for me to say if or when this product will be available in India specifically, but it will be available in the AP region in the latter part of this year. The G110 has a 125Hz report rate.

  • I am curious, can it perform well with a KVM switch?
    Also which KVM switch does Logitech recommend to be used with their products? thanks

    • Hi Khaled,

      Most KVMs do not act as a USB hub or passthrough, but rather emulate a USB keyboard and mouse and then pass through keyboard and mouse info to whichever system is “active”. The additional features of the G110 (hub, audio, G-keys) are not part of a standard USB keyboard, and as such would not be accurately emulated by this type of KVM. As with other G-Series keyboards, the G110 will likely not function correctly behind a KVM.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’m not really at liberty to list the components we use to manufacture the product, but I can tell you that I’m currently using a G110 with headphones that have an impedance rating of 32 ohms. Your 150 ohm headphones should work fine.

  • I got a couple question about this keyboard.

    1. Is this keyboard compatible for Mac?

    2. Does the keyboard use a USB port to plug in or something else ?

  • It looks like a sweet keyboard but what is the response time on it, like 0.2-0.1 ms, what are we talking here?

  • Great keyboard – best I’ve ever had, so far.

    I keep hitting the G1 key when I go for ESC, but I’ll learn.

  • looks like a great keyboard.

    when will this keyboard out in the Netherlands? (in europa)

    thanks in advance!

    • The G110 will be available in Europe starting in January. Whether it will make it to shops in the Netherlands in January is difficult to say, but you should be able to purchase it online then.

  • Chris,

    Your responses have been thoughtful and quick so far, so thank you from the community. My question is: Can you differ the color based on the key location? For example, I want the M keys to be Red and the QWERTY keys to be blue, and function keys to be Purple. Is this possible? With a firmware upgrade? Or is the hardware such that independent coloring cannot be accomplished?

    • Hi Spongematt!,

      With the exception of the M-keys, the MR key, and the status indicator LEDs, all of the backlighting must be the same color. Area-specific backlighting is not possible, even with different firmware. The M-keys and Scroll/CAPS/NUM lock LEDs are an orange-ish amber, while the MR key and the mute LEDs for headphone and microphone are all red.

      Also, I’m very happy to be able to answer questions. It’s actually pretty tough working on a product and not being able to discuss it with people, and it’s really good to finally get feedback on it.

    • Hi,

      Worldwide product launches are not always simultaneous, and as a result it sometimes takes longer for the product to appear in some countries than in others. As our Canadian website typically only features products that are currently available for sale in Canada, this is likely an indicator that the G110 has not yet arrived there. I can’t say definitively when it will be available in Canada, but it should be before the end of the year.

  • Hi,

    very interesting keyboard – should be a hit
    I have 3 questions:

    1 – Does the OS “see” the internal sound device as an additional soundcard?

    2 – Is it technically possible for a hardware modder to change the backlight LEDs in order to get a different range of backlight colors? Yes, I’m aware that such modding, if doable, would void the warranty… ^^

    3 – How about support for GNU/Linux? Will Logitech provide drivers for this OS as well, or at least publish some specs which could help to build one?


    • Hi Pascal,

      1 – The OS does see the internal sound device as an additional sound card, but only when a headset is plugged in. The way I use this is to send all of my Ventrilo audio (headphones and mic) through the headset plugged into the G110, while game sounds come out of my speakers (Z-10s, with an LCD that I use to see who’s talking in Vent :) )
      2 – Yes, this is technically possible with a good understanding of electronics, the power properties of LEDs, and soldering. And how to use a screwdriver, I guess. As you suggest, it would absolutely void the warranty and is not something that I can recommend people trying. I will say I’ve seen quite a few of the LED/backlighting mods that people have done on our previous G-Series keyboards, though, and personally think they’re pretty cool.
      3 – With regard to explicit Linux support, it is one of many things we consider during the software development process, but it hasn’t happened yet. I can’t really talk about future plans, but there is past history with G-Series keyboards of useful specs ending up in the hands of Linux developers. This has not been an official thing and it’s really hard for me to say whether it would happen again.

  • Thanks for your fast reply Chris.

    The way you use the keyboard, as described in your answer to my question 1, is exactly what I’m looking for! This internal sound device is definitely a great added value.

    I’m in Europe, and thanks to this blog I know that I have a good reason to wait until january :)

  • Hi
    I have some questions about the new g110.
    1. In the 1st part of the blog you said that keyboard can be customized in anyways with the blue and red LEDs and mix them together does this mean that I can have half keyboard red and half keyboard blue also?

    2. Will it be shipped to Estonia if yes then when?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi John,

      To answer all of your questions:

      1) The entire keyboard will have the same backlighting color – it is not possible to have some keys be one color and other keys be another
      2) The G110 will be available for distributors in Europe to purchase in January.
      3) There will be a Swedish layout available, but our website’s ordering system only allows shipments to the country selected. As there is no online Logitech store for Estonia at this point in time, our online store cannot ship direct to Estonian customers.
      4) Whether it will be shipped to shops in Estonia depends on whether Estonian distributors purchase it to resell it to shops in your country.

  • i have some questions,

    how do the keys feel? are the like/the same as the logitech g15?

    this is from

    ”Bought this keyboard today and returned it today. The quality is good, but the letters on the keys are too small and the back lite is way too dim for my old eyes. Also there is no brightness control just off and on.”

    are the letters on the keys smaller than on the g15? he says that you cant turn the brightness up, can this be fixed in a firemware update?

    thanks in advance!

    • Hi Sjoerd,

      The key feeling is very close to the key feeling of the orange G15, and the character size is identical. The maximum backlighting brightness of the G110 as shipped is not able to be increased via firmware. Depending on the color selected, the apparent brightness is the same as the orange G15. Different colors can appear to be brighter or dimmer than others based on the way the eye perceives color, even though the amount of power being given to the backlighting LEDs is the same.

  • Sorry to beat a dead horse on the backlit 2 led thing, but would it be possible to stick a selctor switch on the back that would only turn on 2 leds at a time giving you the option of Red-Blue, Blue-Green, or Green-Red. This way you still stick to your power usage of only 2 leds working at the same time, as well as pleasing everyone with all the colours being availble. I’m not an electronics expert so I’m not sure if this can be done but if it can it could be a future updgrade for your next keyboard version.

    I really love the “disable windows key” button. Now I don’t have to do it through the registry.

    Just a though. Love the keyboard btw, plan on getting one.

    • Hi Steve,

      While it’s not an option on the G110, your suggestion is something we can consider for future product development. It’s very clear to us that our customers would like to see the option of RGB backlighting in our gaming keyboards, and we’ll use that feedback as we develop new ones.

    • Hi Lukas,

      If you plug the G35 into the G110 it would appear to the system as a separate audio device. The G110′s audio chip is only enabled if there is an analog headset plugged into its 3.5mm jacks. Any USB headset, like the G35, is a separate audio device with its own audio chip, and does not interact with the G110′s audio chip at all.

  • Is the best keyboard from Logitech the G19?
    I mean, should I go for the G110 or the G19? And which one is cheaper?
    Is a keyboard that important for gaming? I mean i use a gaming mouse and it helps me a lot but is a keyboard REALLY needed (in FPS I’m not a WoW player so I dont need so much G keys)? Anyways I’ll just wait untill I have a new pc(I’ve been playing in a laptop for the last 2 years) and then I’ll see if I buy it or not.

    Good work Logitech, keep going! ;)

    • The G110 is our entry-level gaming keyboard, while the G19 is our top-of-the-line. The G19 has a suggested retail price of $199.99, while the G110 goes for $79.99. The major benefit of the G110 for FPS players, apart from the characters being visible in the dark, is the effort we have put in to ensure that the area around the WASD keys can have any five keys pressed simultaneously without any of the keys dropping out. Additionally, the G-keys can be useful even in FPS games. For example, you can program in a favorite loadout for CounterStrike and press a single G-key to buy all your weapons, armor, etc for that round.

  • Why is this keyboard 20 dollars Canadian more then the same keyboard in the usa? At todays exchange rate $79.99 US is $85 CDN. Seems like Logitech is trying to rip off Canadian costumers

    • Hi Zonged,

      Our recommend pricing in Canada is set independent of exchange rate, as exchange rates fluctuate. It is ultimately up to the reseller to set pricing, not Logitech, so the price you see in-store could quite possibly be different from the recommended pricing based on the retailer’s decision.

  • Oh thank you,
    but my mouse (G9) has also got programmable buttons and the macro’s dont work as it’s supposed to. I have to click the key like 7 times and so it’s faster by doing it myself. I tried with every possible delay of seconds while making my macros no way… Do the G keys work everytime?
    thanks in advance

    • Like most things in your computer, the G110′s macro software will do exactly what you tell it to. The difficulty I always have with this (and the reason I ultimately gave up on becoming a programmer) is what I think I’m telling the software to do is not necessarily what I actually am telling it to do. :) All the keyboard can do is play back keystrokes in the order it’s told and with the timing it’s told to do so, and it will do that the same way every time. Whether or not that works every time in an unspecified game is difficult to say.

  • great :@
    yet another Logitech dev that will only function w/ Windows
    have left that sinking raft 4 Linux since the v!$t0 debacle & have no plan 2 return 2 it
    guess i’ll replace my original (blue) G15 w/ a Saitek kbd

    • Hi Mister C,

      I don’t actually know of any gaming keyboards with Linux software support, and our G-Series keyboards are the only ones that ship with Mac support. Linux is something we consider during every new product development cycle, but support for it has not yet made the cut. We have had our gaming keyboard’s specs released to the Linux dev community in the past, though, so it’s possible the same will happen again.

  • When will this keyboard be available in New Zealand? Looking to use it on my 2010 computer build. Thx!

    PS: To the comment above me, don’t be so hard on Chris, it’s your fault you jumped to Linux. Logitech aren’t obliged to make a product just for the you and your OS.

    • Hi Mister C,

      It should be available in New Zealand before the end of the year, but it’s really not possible for me to give a more accurate date.

  • Well, I returned mine to Amazon the other day. “Mac compatible” should mean more than just “some keys work as intended”. I was not willing to learn that Print Screen and Home were going to adjust the contrast of my monitor. :thumbsdown:

  • Chris,

    thank you for your update.
    i suspected Logitech had once released some code to the open source community as there is a G15Tools set of files that allow to make full use of the G1x features (or even of keyboards from other brands, for that matter) but the installation is so pedestrian that i never got thru with it. i have however to agree with a post made earlier that the G-keys are only really needed for combat games but not for (e.g.) civilian flight simulation.
    what would be very nice would be a back lit “normal 105 keys keyboard”. i guess that’s what an Illuminated keyboard should be, but does it have to cost over five times the price of a classic kbd 200 ?

  • Hallo,
    are the keys removable so can i take out the z-key and change it with the y-key, cuz i’m from europe and wanna buy this keyboard, but it’s only available in USA.


    • Hi Niruena,

      You could theoretically do this but I would recommend waiting until the product is released in Europe. It will be widely available in Europe within the next 30-60 days.

    • Hi Mannam,

      Backligting color on the G110 is modified by changing the brightness of the LEDs. When you choose a color with the color picker, it modulates the amount of power being sent to them. Changing the brightness of the LEDs changes the color of the backlighting.

  • Hey, i appreciate that you are readily talking to people in the community and asnwering questions, not many companies or people at all do this, so thanks :)

    I have a quick question, and that basically is, what is the estimated release date for Australia ?

    This is the perfect keyboard for me, but i can’t find it in any online stores (not even pre- orderable).

    Just wondering, thanks.

    • Hi Jeremey,

      It’s not a problem – I like being able to talk about the products I work on. It really helps me to understand what we’ve done right, and what we can improve for the future.

      As with New Zealand, the G110 should be available in Australia before the end of the year. It’s really not possible for me to give a more accurate date than that.

    • Hi kENSHu,

      It should be widely available in Europe in the next 30-60 days, but it’s really not possible for me to give a more accurate date.

  • Since i cannot change the brightness, can I manually reduce it by setting both the R and B mode lower?

    • Hi Sekkiy,

      Yes, you can reduce the overall brightness in the backlighting color adjustment area of the software.

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