New: Logitech Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere MX Mouse Featuring Darkfield Technology

Today we announced two new premium mice, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX and the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. Both mice feature Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking, which allows you to use your mouse virtually anywhere you want — including clear glass (minimum 4 mm thickness) and high-gloss surfaces. Both mice are expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in August. Product marketing manager Greg Dizac recently recorded a video about Darkfield technology and the new mice.

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Director of Product Marketing, Mice


  • Follow-up to my battery-question a few posts back: Just curious – what is the area on the bottom of the mouse that at least looks like a battery compartment, as can be seen in the pictures at the (p)review at Gizmondo? Thanks!

    • Hi Patrick,

      Sorry for the confusion. To clarify, the Performance Mouse MX uses one rechargeable AA battery (which comes in the package). If you so choose, you can use a normal alkaline battery and replace it when the battery life is spent. However, we suggest using the supplied rechargeable battery and the micro-USB system that comes with the mouse.

      Best, Erik

  • Is it possible to remove the internal battery in the Performance Mouse and place it into a standard recharger? I’m concerned about the frailty of the usb cable connector.

  • One question, what’s the DPI for both mouse? Also for the Performance Mouse MX, is the design similar to the MX Revolution or MX 1100?

  • Hi Dawson,

    They both offer 100 to 1500dpi (with 100dpi increments). In terms of the design, we took the design appeal from Revolution and the comfort of MX1100.

    Cheers, Erik

  • I have some questions about the logitech anywhere mouse MX
    I’m not exactly sure is there an on/off button and that should increase battery life. right?
    also is there a document switch and search button on this mouse? Can you store the receiver in the mouse? also which types of surfaces does dark-field work on (e.g. carpet, glass, wood, etc.)? what is the dpi of the sensor, i know you talked about the performance MX but what about the anywhere mouse MX? Finally, how comfortable and textured and shaped is the anywhere mouse for a four inch wide by five inch long hand.

    • Hi michael62,

      - There is an on/off slider to help increase battery life.
      - Yes, there is a application-switching button below the scroll wheel.
      - You can store the receiver in the mouse.
      - It works on a wide range of surfaces, including carpet, glass and wood.
      - The dpi is customizable up to 1500 dpi.
      - For comfort, it\’s pretty personal, so I recommend that you go to Best Buy and put your hand on the mouse to determine the level of comfort for you.

      Best, Erik

  • My MX5000 BT mouse just passed away – battery issues. When will the Performance MX be available in the UK? Thanks!

  • Any size comparison between the Logitech Anywhere mouse MX and the VX Revolution / VX Nano.

    It looks a lot like the VX Nano but the 2 x AA batteries seem to indicate that its’ size is closer to that of the VX Revolution.

    Best if a photo with all 3 side by side would be good.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is very similar in size to the VX Nano. I hope that helps!

      Best, Erik

  • If plugged into a USB port to charge the mouse, does the Unifying receiver have to be in another USB port too or can the mouse communicate over the USB cable like a normal corded mouse when being charged? Thanks!

    • Hi frank1885,

      When the mouse is charging via the USB cable, you don\’t need to have the Unifying receiver plugged in (the cable connects the mouse to the computer).

      Cheers, Erik

  • hi, i wanted to know if this mouse would work good on a black cloth pad?, cause i read that laser mouse didnt like cloth pads, but this being a new technology laser maybe its more responsive to this kind of surfaces. thnxs in advance

  • Hi there, few questions,

    how does the scroll on the Anywhere behave? is it like the vx nano? or is it the active changing like the mx revolution.

    Also when and where can we expect to see both products in Australia?

    • HI Arthur,

      The scroll wheel behaves like the one in the VX Nano (click to change scroll modes). I’ll need to get back to you regarding your second question.

      Cheers, Erik

  • I have MX Revolution since the day it hit the stores and i still love it, but im waiting for a new replacement for a long time now. How come it aint coming? Performance just doesnt deliver…

    I WANT SmartShift, its the BEST technology mouse can have, how can you say you received negative feedback? I cant live without it…literally… Also Quick-Flip is a must have and Performance doesnt have any of that…

    Cant you just finally release a decent successor to Revolution? Same as it is, just bigger, more ergonomic, darkfield, unifying, better battery life and thumb application switcher.

    This cant be THAT hard to do? :/

    • Hi MR Foto,

      I\’ve included my response to Xifer (who posted a similar comment) below:

      Hi Xifer,

      It was a difficult decision, whether or not to include SmartShift in the new Performance Mouse MX. While some MX Revolution owners love the technology, feedback we received showed that the majority of people found it confusing or accidentally clicked on it when they didn’t meat to so it created a negative experience. In the end, we decided to omit this feature on our new mice. However, you can still enjoy both scrolling modes (hyperfast or click-to-click scrolling) at a push of a button located just below the scroll wheel. Thank you for your feedback.

      Best, Erik

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to modify DPI on the fly with MX performance?
    When will this mouse be available in SE Asia and will there be a package with the wireless K350 keyboard?

    Any possiblities of upgrades to the G7/G9 with this new technology? I would buy that in a heartbeat. :)

    • Hi SY,

      With SetPoint installed, you can set any of the mouse buttons to toggle between two dpi settings of your choosing. Your battery display will provide visual confirmation each time you toggle.

      In terms of availability in SE Asia, it should be available beginning in October. Unfortunately, I can\’t comment on the rest of your questions.

      Best, Erik

  • I’m confused. Does the Anywhere Mouse MX have a middle mouse button? Does the scroll wheel pan left and right?

    My ideal portable mouse:
    * Well, the darkfield stuff…that sounds very useful.
    * The tiny USB dongle
    * A left and Right button
    * A scroll wheel that:
    * Has a speed clutch for clicky and quicky scrolling
    * Left and Right panning
    * Middle button click.

    I don’t like the other buttons (I never know what to do with them, anyway)


    • Hi Christian,

      When you push down on the scroll wheel, it toggles between traditional scroll mode and hyper-fast scrolling. We\’ve included a button below the wheel for application switching, although it can be programmed to your liking.

      And yes, the scroll wheel pans left and right.

      Thanks for the rest of the feedback! I think this mouse meets all your needs.

      Best, Erik

  • Please bring back the Smartshift. I just bought the Anywhere MX, and now I have to return it because I just found out that I can’t have middle click unless I reprogram the Application Switcher button. Very disappointing.

  • I have just bought a “Performance mouse MX” but I have encountered two major problems:

    First, If I stop moving my mouse for 10 seconds, my mouse stops functioning! then I should shake the mouse for 2-3 seconds to wake it up! This happens quit frequently. Is this how this mouse suppose to behave or my mouse is a faulty one? I have also found another comment here in this column by Marvyn | August 28th, 2009 at 9:56 am complaining from the same problem.

    And secondly my mouse battery which was full when I received it is now almost empty after 3 days! (And I switch the mouse off during the nights). But I red in above comments that the battery life is expected to be 30 days! The battery indicator light also goes on and off every 13 Seconds. Are these properties normal for this mouse?

    I have connected the mouse to a Macbook Pro (Mac OS X 10.5) and its receiver is just few centimeters away from mouse.

    I would be grateful if somebody can me some information.

    • Hi Amir,

      It sounds like you have a faulty mouse — that is not the way it should be performing. Please contact customer support ( via email or phone.

      Best, Erik

  • Any idea as to when these’ll be available in the UK? I’m running with a mighty mouse at the moment and hate it. I’m getting very tempted to get one imported from the states.

    Also, with these new mice, is a Snow Leopard compatible version of LCC included?

  • Hi Eric,

    From your reply to a previous question by Dawson, do I understand correctly that the MX Performance has a maximum of 1500 dpi? Isnt that too less for a supposedly top-end Gaming grade mouse? The latest Razer Mamba ships with 5600 dpi , while MS X8 is 4000. This one has 1500????? Is there some mistake here in specs?

    • Hi Nice Guy,

      Yes, the Performance Mouse MX has adjustable dpi of up to 1500. While the mouse can be used for gaming purposes, it is not designed as a gaming mouse. For serious gamers, we recommend our mice that are designed for that specific use, like the G9x or the new G500. These mice have a much larger range of dpi adjustability. The G9x is adjustable between 200-5000 dpi, while the G500 has a range between 200 and 5700.

      Best, Erik

  • I know others have said it, but I have to add to the voices – why no smartshift? I deal with spreadsheets all day long and with my MX Revolution I can do line-by-line or just spin it fast and scroll through 30K lines. Then when I switch over the web it automatically goes to smooth scrolling, what is not to like about that?

    While the new charging system is brilliant, buying a mouse without smartshift would be like buying a car without air conditioning (I live in Texas). I guess I need to go buy a couple of MX Revolutions while I still can.

    Very disappointed, I so wanted to get the new mouse……

  • Can you give an updated estimate on when these mice will be available in Europe, esp. Germany. Even the Logitech shop still lists them as unavailable. Thank you!

  • I’m looking forward to the unifying receiver more than anything. This is a godsend for laptops where I might have a portable mouse for travel and a full size mouse at my desk.

    Is the size of the performance mouse closer to the MX Revolution, or MX1100? I like the extra height on the MX1100 and it feels perfect to me, the Revolution feels too small. Looking at the previous post it appears taller than the revolution, but I can’t find any size specs on the 1100 to compare. Why doesn’t Logitech show size specs on their mice?

    • Hi Bryn,

      For comparison purposes, here are the specs of the MX1100:
      Dimensions (L x W x H) : 4.80 x 3.45 x 1.91 inches

      Best, Erik

  • Smartshift was the only thing that makes the scrollwheel usable! Just another in the chorus of people hoping you’ll bring it back!

    I think you need to do your market research again and ask the right questions, because the click-to-change-modes thing is not actually usable in the real world, and the big draw of the Revolution was a scrollwheel that has two modes. It’s of those UI problems where giving people the option to change manually seems ok, but figuring out what they want (eg which mode) without them having to tell you is infinitely better.

  • Freaking awesome mouse! Just got mine and I have to say that I thought my previous MX1100 was just about perfect but never liked the style. The MX Revolution is a little nicer looking but too small, has a weird thumb area, and I wasn’t crazy about the whole dock/recharge thing. This one is beautiful, has the much nicer nano receiver, seems to track and mover better, and feels even better in the hand than the MX1100. It is absolutely the nicest looking, nicest feeling, most ergonomic, smoothest tracking mouse I have ever used.

  • Just wondering whether the unifying technology is fully compatible with Wireless USB – I do not see the logo on the box.

    • Hi Wammes Witkop,

      Unifying Wireless Technology is a proprietary technology optimized for mouse and keyboard usages and is not compatible with Wireless USB.

      Best, Erik

  • Why didn’t you include Bluetooth, wouldn’t that have been easier that developing a 0,4cm usb-receiver?

    I don’t understand why there are so few mice to choose from, when it comes to Bluetooth, and why none of them are very ergonomic?

    How well does the software work with Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

    • Hi Anders,

      There are a number of benefits of Unifiying over Bluetooth, including a strong connection, minimized latency and dropouts and better battery life.

      In terms of Snow Leopard, we’ve just released LCC drivers for Snow Leopard. You can download them here.

      Best, Erik

  • Hi Erik

    I returned my mouse for the problem I described above, I ordered a new one believing that the pervious one was a faulty one. I received a new one yesterday. unfortunately the second mouse still has the same problem.

    This is not a hardware / software issue because I have tried the mouse in my office with Desktop PC (Windows XP) and in home with Macbook pro (MAC OS X 10.5) and in both places I have the same problem.

    The only thing I can think about is the interference with wireless network which I have it both at home and office. This problem has started with new 2.4 GHz receiver. So apparently the mouse is not alone in this new frequency range.

    As I said the battery light indicator of my mouse turns on and off every 10-15 seconds. I think this is because mouse interferes with network, gives an internal error and restarts every 15 second. this should also explain that why the mouse becomes irresponsive if I do not touch it for 10 seconds. that’s the time enough for giving the error. Also it explains why the battery life time is lower than expected, because mouse is restarting all the time.

    Even though the mouse is a great one but I will return the mouse and go for another brand. Interference with wireless network is a serious flaw for such a mouse.


  • Hi!

    Is there any chance to see some size comparison pictures between the vx nano and anywhere mouse mx?

    When will these be available in Germany? I just can’t find them anywhere ;-)


  • Hi, I got this mouse (upgrade from MX Revolution) and I love it. It’s everything I liked in the revolution + fixing the couple things that I thought could be better.

    The battery has finally gotten low (almost a month later), though, and now the thing has no lights on at all. My old one went from one green to one red, the thing online seems to indicate that this one should go from one green to flashing red. Is it normal to have a period of no lights in between or is something wrong with my red? (yes, it is still working at this point.)

    I’ve been searching but I can’t find it written out anywhere.


    • Hi Jessie,

      The LEDs on the Performance Mouse MX aren’t lit most of the time in order to give you the long battery life. When the battery life gets very low the lowest LED should slowly blink red for two minutes each time the mouse is either turned on or moved after a long period of non-use. If your mouse shows neither green nor red LEDs after you’ve turned the mouse switch off and on, then please recharge the mouse completely. Should you then not experience the normal pattern of 3, 2 and 1 green LEDs followed by the blinking red LED, please contact a customer care representative.

      Best, Erik

  • Hi Erik,

    Im a designer on PC, want to invest in a good mouse, from all blog post I dont know wheter to get the “MX Rev” or “MX Per”….
    Could help me decide please?


    • Hi Reegan,

      I’m afraid you’re going to have to make that call yourself. However, if you find yourself using your mouse on multiple surfaces, including glass desks, the Performance Mouse MX is your best bet.

      Best, Erik

  • hi, ive noticed up above around the end of August, Erik mentioned that the Performance mx would be coming to canada in Oct, then a few days later mentioned that it would arrive perhaps in Sept. Since Sept has come and is almost gone, is there any update as to when we should receive it in our country?

    Much appreciated,

    • Hi Karl,

      Both mice will be available in Canada as of October 19 at Best Buy and Staples Canada.

      Best, Erik

  • I agree with Anders above, I would really prefer a Bluetooth version of the mouse. I have a laptop with Bluetooth and don’t want to “waste” a USB port. I’ve heard some say that Bluetooth is laggy, is a battery hog etc… but my PS3 uses Bluetooth, the controllers work just fine and last a long time between recharges. I’ve already bought your wonderful Bluetooth-based MediaBoard Pro… I’ll purchase another Logitech product if you come out with a Bluetooth Anywhere MX…


  • Is the 125 polling rate capped by the mouse? i.e. will it overclock? I’ve struggled to aim at small icons with the 125 rate in the past – I use my MX1000 in PS2 because of it. This mouse looks like a really nice upgrade from an MX1000, but I was hoping for a polling rate of 250 or 500.

    • Hi Mike,

      The Unifying network runs at a maximum of 125 Hz, which is what the Performance Mouse MX uses. It’s not possible to overclock it.

      Best, Erik

  • Yet another voice crying out in defense of SmartShift. I bought my Revolution and instantly fell in love with the SmartShift feature. What I don’t understand about the explanation given for why it was not included in “future mice” is that if it was an issue of customers accidentally using it or being confused about it, they can just as easily turn it off from the control panel and they wouldn’t have to use it or fear accidentally using it. Instead it’s been taken away from those who truly appreciate such a wonderful feature.

    I’m afraid it’ll be highly unlikely I buy another Logitech mouse until this feature is returned. Shame, really.

  • Hi Erik

    After having problems with both Performance MX mouses that I described before (see above) I returned the second mouse and ordered the third one. Fortunately this time the mouse works perfectly. So by accident both the mouses I have received before was faulty. All together it’s great mouse, But I think Logitech should take more attention to product quality control test before sending them to the market. receiving two faulty mouse in sequence can be a mere incident but anyhow this is not a good sign.

    And hereby I also would like to thank logitech’s support center in Netherlands for their helps.


  • Where is the one-touch search button on the Permance MX? On my unit, what used to be the one-touch search button is now seemingly use.

    If this does not have the one-touch search, back it goes.


  • also is there a document switch and search button on this mouse?

    The user’s question about search function was not answered by you – why? It goes back to the store.

    Darn shame they discontinued the MX Revolution; best mouse ever made. I’ll buy the keyboard/mouse combo for the MX.


    • Hi Callie,

      Thanks for the questions. With software installed, you can assign the search function to a mouse button (there are four buttons in the thumb scoop area alone, including one hidden one). The document switch button is located below the scroll wheel (toward the wrist). For more information, see this page.

      Best, Erik

  • I am considering upgrading to this mouse, as I have 2 Revolution MX mice that I really like for work. However, I have gotten tracking issues (stuttering/stopping, etc) when gaming. How does this mouse compare to the G9x? Have the tracking issues been fixed with this version?

  • I would like to add another voice to the building cry to bring back Smartshift. I have been using an MX Revolution for almost 3 years now. It recently developed a mechanical problem still under warranty (barely) and I am sending it back. The technician told me he will be sending me a new Performance MX to replace the Revolution. While I am happy to get the upgrade, I will dearly miss the Smartshift feature. I used it constantly and have come to rely on it. Since it can be turned off with Setpoint, I don’t see why anyone would find it confusing or accidently activate it once they have the software set up.

    I am a happy Logitech customer and have purchased many of your flagship products.

    Please reconsider bringing back Smartshift.

    Thanks for listening.


  • Add me to the “Smartshift” users disappointed with a new mouse.

    I just bought the Anywhere Mouse. I assumed it was going to have that same awesome technology of my MX Revolution that I’ve been using when I connect the laptop to the docking station. It took me a while to realize that I had to click the wheel to switch to free spin. I haven’t had a chance to try docking and see if the new Setpoint will still allow smartshift on my MX Revolution. I’m going to be *pissed* if I’ve lost that functionality by upgrading the Setpoint software. That feature was my favorite part of the MX Revolution.

    It’s not just enough to have to click the wheel to switch. And since that was an optional setting in older Setpoint software, I don’t understand why you had to make this a mechanical part of the mouse and take away that capability.

    Anyway…didn’t mean to rant. Just want to add to the quiet population who seem to be speaking out on this particular blog about missing that functionality. (There doesn’t seem to be any more appropriate place to express my disappointment in the demise of this cool feature!)

  • I wonder if it is possible to set the standard dpi to 1500, without having a permanent button “mouse sensitivity”? For office use I would prefer to work with a high dpi setting, without loosing a function button of my mouse. As soon as I change the buttons back, it resets the dpi to 1000. does anyone know a solution for this?

    Thanks for any hints.


  • Another vote to bring back smartshift.
    I realize this isn’t the place to advocate for change but might as well jump on the bandwagon. I love smartshift and like all the other people have said it was easily turned off in the control panel. Even if it was such a big deal a physical button on the mouse could turn it on or off just to make it more obvious.

    I love the new products from logitech but unless there’s a Revolution 2, i’ll probably sit on my current Revolution for a bit longer.

    Also is there plans for a VX Revolution size “anywhere” mouse? The current small mouse seems a little on the small side, vx nano, for my taste.

    • Hi Nabil,

      If you’re referring to the hard button behind the wheel, in the Anywhere Mouse MX, it is preprogrammed to whatever the program or OS assigns to it automatically, similar to the way the thumb buttons are automatically assigned to back and front in most PC apps. This button is probably used the most nowadays for application switching, but can be reassigned using software. In the Performance Mouse MX – this button allows you to switch between hyperfast and click-to-click scrolling.


  • Just another vote for a Revolution 2 with Smartshift!
    Without that it is just another mouse like all others – looks nice and Darkfield may be useful but the wheel from the Revo is became essential for me so i think thanks but no thanks.

    From the Time the Revo came out i wait for Logitech to fix the issues of this model but removing the only argument might not be the right decision.

  • That button can be programmed. By default, it switches applications like alt-tab does in windows (though it actually does it more like a Mac, where it tiles all active apps on the screen and you select the one you want to activate.)

  • What market research was done that suggested that more people DISliked SmartShift than liked it? I see lots of comments in support of it above, and none against it. I’m with them. I’ve had an MX Revolution since Jan 2007, and SmartShift is the best thing about it!

    Unfortunately, for years, I’ve found Logitech’s reliability to be lacking, and my mouse is failing, three months shy of its warranty expiration (my Trackman Marble lasted forever, and as far as I know is still in use by the friend I sold it to, but other than that, almost everything I’ve owned from Logitech has needed to be replaced under warranty — four or five mice, two or three keyboards, and one Harmony remote, though in fairness, the Harmony had one button that was DOA, and didn’t die through use. Those that didn’t fail under warranty failed shortly out of warranty). As has always been the case, Logitech’s customer support is excellent, and has agreed to replace the mouse. Since the Revolution has been discontinued, I’m getting a Performance MX. At first, I was excited to see that they’re sending me an upgraded version, but now I’m starting to question whether it’s really an upgrade. The new mouse is taller (I find that this oversized mouse occasionally causes thumb joint pain) and lacks the most, excuse the pun, revolutionary feature that was introduced with my current mouse.

    Long story short, here’s another vote for the return of SmartShift… and a plea to work on improving your MTBF. I know I spend entirely too much time on my computer, but stuff shouldn’t consistently fail within a few years even with heavy use. I keep buying because I frequently find that I prefer Logitech’s products (features/design), despite the poor reliability.

  • Hi,
    Does this mouse work well with Linux (specifically, Ubuntu)? What, if any, features are not available in Linux?


    • Hi Tap,

      Linux is not fully supported by the Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX . You will not be able to take advantage of Unifying technology (being able to connect multiple devices to a single receiver) and software features like zoom, application switching and button customization. However, you should still get basic features like point, click and scroll.


  • I just picked up the Anywhere MX and it’s amazing. I have a glass table and I hate using mouse pads cause they get dirty, trap dust, hair, skin — This is perfect!! Works great with my macbook pro.

  • I went to Futureshop and bestbuy today because Erik said it would be out on the 19th in Canada. They don’t even carry this! WOW. Waste of time and what a lie.

  • Owner of the MX1000 mouse and corded Wave keyboard, I’m very interested both in the K350 Wave keyboard and the MX Performance mouse. Do you plan to offer a pack that comprises these two products ? If so, will it include two Unifying USB keys (so you can switch quickly between two computers) ?


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