New: Logitech Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere MX Mouse Featuring Darkfield Technology

Today we announced two new premium mice, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX and the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. Both mice feature Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking, which allows you to use your mouse virtually anywhere you want — including clear glass (minimum 4 mm thickness) and high-gloss surfaces. Both mice are expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in August. Product marketing manager Greg Dizac recently recorded a video about Darkfield technology and the new mice.

Logitech-Performance-Mouse-MX Anywhere Mouse MX_top_hi


Director of Product Marketing, Mice


  • Wow! Good work! That looks a kickass mice! Why don’t you make that pouch for all your products? looks cool! I’m using two of your mice already including the G9 series, and my computer life is weird without them, I think I should buy this one for my brother soon! When will it be available in Middle East? And what would be the price range?

    • Hi Faisal,

      We expect the new Darkfield mice to be available in the MIddle East in September.


  • where is the smartshift technology??!

    It’s the best technology and Logitech should keep it on board!. I will buy another MX Rev but not Performance MX

    • Hi Xifer,

      It was a difficult decision, whether or not to include SmartShift in the new Performance Mouse MX. While some MX Revolution owners love the technology, feedback we received showed that the majority of people found it confusing or accidentally clicked on it when they didn\’t meat to so it created a negative experience. In the end, we decided to omit this feature on our new mice. However, you can still enjoy both scrolling modes (hyperfast or click-to-click scrolling) at a push of a button located just below the scroll wheel. Thank you for your feedback.

      Best, Erik

  • Wow!!! Just wow. Congratulations Logitech. is it the newer version of MX Revolution?

    Is this gaming mouse or just office?

    • Hi Igor,

      Nothing prevents users from using a mouse with Darkfield Laser Tracking for gaming. Discerning gamers, however, may want to choose a gaming mouse specifically designed for that purpose, like the Logitech® G9x Laser Mouse.

      Best, Erik

  • I’m a bit disappointed by the Performance MX. I assume it doesn’t have Smartshift, probably because of the force-sensitive side-scrolling. I don’t use the application based wheel mode switching, but I do use the scrolling speed based switching a lot, and I’d rather have that than side-scrolling, which I can’t even remember when I used last time. And based on the Revolution’s shape, I don’t think the application switcher button is in a comfortable position, the second wheel on the Revolution is better (and has two extra buttons). I’ve been waiting for the Revolution’s successor, but I think I’ll pass.

  • I’ll be honest, as soon as i’ve got some spare income, i’ll be purchasing the Performance.

    I dont suppose it’s possible to adjust how the scroll works like on the Revolution VX is it? A more solid feel is much needed for playing some games.

    • Hi Harry,

      The Performance Mouse MX does feature hyper-fast scrolling like the VX Revolution.

      Best, Erik

  • Bummer, they don’t have the currently MX ergonomic design for the portal mouse! I think I would stick with what I have.

    • Hi John,

      The new Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX offer 100 to 1500dpi (with 100dpi increments).

      Best, Erik

  • Gotta agree with Nx. Really disappointed with the loss of the thumb wheel.

    I used if functions that can be grouped together in threes, (i.e. Volume Up/Volume Down/Mute) Especially when watching videos on YouTube where volume is never calibrated properly, its key to have that control at my fingertips. Dealbreaker.

    I love the charge by USB, the Revolutions charging dock was faulty, gathered dust, and took up unecessary space.

    What is really needed are added buttons on TOP RIGHT side of the mouse. While surfing its natural to have my finger on scroll wheel while my middle finger rest just to the right of the “right button”.

    I currently use an MX620 where Logitech placed a search button on the top left, forcing my index and middle to extend into a wider V to push this button. Doesn’t feel natural.

  • Just to clarify what Logitech items I have. MX Revolution for home, MX620 for work, diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks.

    I’ve also used a host of other Logitech items like ipod speakers, wired mice, etc…

    Love there product, but still waiting for a worthy successor to the Revolution.

  • Did you address the issues some users are experiencing with the MX Revolution (Phantom clicks, Massive connection / stuttering problems)? If so, I would be extremely swayed to buy one, since ergonomically the MX was the best mouse I’ve used so far.

    • Hi Marc,

      The Anywhere and Performance Mouse MX both feature our Logitech Advanced 2.4GHz technology as part of the Unifying Wireless technology; this technology addresses the issues that could have been observed with MX Revolution.

      Best, Erik

  • I think this is a direct reply to the Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, I like them… Performance Mouse MX is now my favourite mouse over Microsoft Explorer Mouse with BlueTrack, it seems more ergonomic.

  • Small suggestion… I think you should also refresh the TrackBall products (also using a Logitech Unifying receiver for the wireless ones). 10-15 years ago I was a big fan of Logitech trackballs (forefinger controlled, NOT the thumb controlled ones) and I’m evaluating a return to the trackball world, as they are less stressful for my weared out wrist :-D You could also promote some marketing actions in order to resurrect the almost-forgotten trackballs, as I think they are really underrated.

  • Where is the $89.99 replacement for the VX Revolution???
    The VX Nano is too small and the Anywhere Mouse MX is even smaller!
    And the Performance Mouse MX is too big for travel.

    Please, just copy the VX Revolution and update it to include the Unifying receiver and Darkfield stuff.
    Some of us also need a true middle mouse button equivilent, so skip the SmartShift, just like the VX Revolution.

    Call this mouse the VX Anywhere and you’re good to go!

  • I agree with sopwith’s comment on the VX. I love the mouse! even if the wire to the battery did break and I had to re-solder it together.

  • Logitech® Unifying-Receiver compatibil with older equipment? a Logitech MX3200?

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for the comment but we can\’t talk about future product plans.

      Best, Erik

  • “However, you can still enjoy both scrolling modes (hyperfast or click-to-click scrolling) at a push of a button located just below the scroll wheel.”

    The problem with hyperfast scrolling is that it’s unstable. It’s easy to accidentally move the wheel and cause the thing you are reading on screen to suddenly jump up or down. With smartshift, you can leave the wheel in click-to-click mode, where you can’t accidentally cause it to move, while still enjoying the benefits of hyperfast mode when needed.

    I think the reason many people didn’t like it is because of the default setup in Setpoint, which causes the mouse to switch on its own when using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office. This kind of unexpected behavior might lead people to believe that the mouse is faulty. And it’s not very easy to disable it, as you have to edit each profile manually.

    In addition, the Revolution doesn’t have middle click out of the box. I use the search button for middle click, because the wheel click’s feedback is very bad (you have to press it down harder even after the click, it makes middle-dragging difficult as you have to constantly press really hard). If the wheel click feedback where better, I’d use it as a middle button and wouldn’t even need a button for switching wheel modes, as Smartshift does that automatically. I hope the Performance MX doesn’t have this design flaw btw.

    I’m really sad to see Smartshift being abandoned. With the application based switching disabled, it doesn’t get in the way, and complements the Microgear wheel nicely.

  • Both these new mice look very good,Wish your new mx performance mouse had the side thumb wheel as that was a very enjoyable feature on the mx revolution mouse.Other than that everything looks very promising on the new mx mouse.Nice going on the charging setup and also on the nano micro unifying receiver.Wish my old mx revolution had a nano micro receiver as my other one broke off so this is a feature i will like that feature very much.Only question i have is when can i expect to see this for sale in my local bb store and other electronic stores?

    • Hi Fred,

      The Logitech Performance Mouse MX and Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX are available for purchase at and now. They are expected to be hitting retail stores in September.

      Best, Erik

  • I noticed that nothing was published about the Performance MX battery performance. This has been a traditional Achilles hill of Logitech mice that was first fixed with the MX 1100 (which I personally use with great pleasure, hence my interest in the Performance MX… yes, my office table is made of glass and getting rid of the pad will be great). However, I have my suspicions that Darkfield Technology might result in poor battery performance (most light is not reflected by the glass, right?). I would appreciate an official comment from Logitech.

  • recently brought the blue track explorer mini for my imac after extensive research on the net.fairly satisfied except for the flimsy scroll wheel.would not mind buying the darkfeild anywhere mouse if a white colour option was available.although i have not used a logitech mouse but after surfing dozens of reviews i am convinced that the logitech mx/vx series are really good. but they should have more colour options especially all white for mac users…

  • i am interested in battery life too. i never used a wireless mouse before as desktop mouse but i own a v500 and a vx nano for my laptop. i called the support hotline but their support documents did not state any facts about battery. is it changeable like AA ? how many hours / days /weeks? will it last.
    if it is long enough i will buy it asap :)

    i dpi switching possible in the mac logitech software ? are there any plans on updating the mac software to the level the windows version is today. cause the mac version feels like beta version or alpha and is only updated twice a year perhaps. i own many logitech products but this is realy annoying me.

    • Hi Lior and Gopihan,

      Thank you for your inquiry regarding battery life on our new mice. For the Logitech Performance Mouse MX, users can get up to 30 days of battery life at full charge, with normal use behavior and the Performance Mouse MX can be recharged in about 4 hours. The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX offers up to 4 months (user experience may vary) with 2 AA batteries, half that with 1 AA battery.

      Best, Erik

  • Dear Logitech,

    After playing around with a new Advanced MX for the last few days, I’m going back to my MX Revolution.

    The lack of SmartShift is a deal-breaker. The mechanical shift button is clunky, and definitely a step backward. I don’t buy that the majority of people didn’t like it. After a day of trying my MX Revolution, my wife didn’t want to give it back. “The wheel is so cool! I love it when it shifts to freewheeling when I’m scrolling down a long message board!”

    The side-button ergonomics are terrible. The forward and back buttons are too high, and the switch button at the bottom is too easy to hit accidentally, especially during gaming. Give us back the thumbwheel! The zoom button is likewise in a terrible spot. I find that I have had to disable the zoom, to make sure I don’t accidentally hit it when I’m using the top thumb buttons in gaming.

    The mouse is too short. I have small hands, but I love the way the MX Revolution fills the hand. By far the best ergonomics in a mouse today. The Advanced MX shape is just that much less comfortable, because the wrist support isn’t there.

    So, I thought I had found the perfect gaming/work mouse with the Advanced MX. Not so much. And I’m not going to buy a G9. I tried it and it went back in a day. The ergonomics on that mouse are terrible. Why switch, when you have perfect ergonomics in your Revolution MX?

    My perfect mouse: The Revolution MX with a gaming-grade sensor. Plenty of buttons, smartshift freewheel, and the sensor from the G9 would address the current shortcomings (that I grin and bear) with the MX Revolution. Make it possible to map on-the-fly DPI switching to the thumbwheel, and everything would be golden.

    Please, Logitech, stop making change for change’s sake! You had it 95% right with the MX Revolution, and you screwed it up.

    Now I’m off to Fry’s to return this new mouse.

  • Looking at the front-on pic above it appears that Logitech have made another non-ergonomic mouse. The human wrist is not meant to sit parallel to the table/desk surface, but rather at an angle of ~30-45 degrees, so why do you keep designing mice with a horizontal top surface?.

  • Does the Performancce Mouse MX have a recharging station ? It would be quite inconvenient to plug this tiny USB cable at the end of every day.

    • Hi Level20peon,

      We did not include a recharging station with the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. However, you will not need to recharge the mouse daily. In fact, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX can get up to 30 days of battery life on a full charge and can be recharged in about 4 hours. In addition, when the mini-USB cable in plugged into the Performance Mouse MX to recharge, you can still use the mouse for all of your activities.

      Regards, Erik

  • Looks good. I would consider upgrading from my MX Revolution to this (because I have a glass desk and would love to kick the mouse pad), but here’s the killer question….rechargeable or not?

  • Please update the VX Revolution with the new Darkfield tracking and cute receiver but LEAVE everything AS-IS.. I love the layout of the VX Revolution.. its just perfect.. perfect size and perfect layout.. :D

    I’ve been using it for 2yrs+ and still is perfect except for the extra large receiver..

  • I’ve read all the comments and I’m still not 100% sure about Logitech Performance Mouse MX being the replacement for the MX Revolution. Is it the new flagship Logitech mouse? Can you please confirm that?

    • Hi Alexander,

      The Logitech Performance Mouse MX and the Logitech MX Revolution will coexist in the market to address the varying needs of consumers.

      Best, Erik

  • Then which mouse is being positioned higher in the product line?

    (I’m the second Alexander, at 12:39 pm, not the one at 12:05 pm)

  • So there is no charging station. Are there contacts for a charging station on the bottom of the mouse so I can use it with the charging station of the MX revolution for example ?
    You say the battery lasts for “up to 30 days” but I use up the battery of a MX revolution on one day so I don’t think it would last 30 days in my case. Other than that, I got other devices using those tiny USB connectors and I always consider everything in this size of a connector an emergency solution rather than “quick plug and play”. Every logitech mouse I ever owned has had a charging station so I don’t understand why logitech chose this unergonomic way of handling things on a 2009 device.

  • Wow, looks like a great technology, and the unifying receiver is like 2 new technologies in one. When will it be coming to Canada?

    • Hi Andrew,

      We expect that these new mice will be available in Canada in October.

      Best, Erik

  • Did I read correctly in a review that the Anywhere Mouse MX uses the mouse wheel middle click to toggle between free scroll and click scroll like the VX Nano?

    On my laptop I do lots of web browsing (middle click links/close tabs) and gaming (middle click to use/open doors). When I owned the VX Nano it would drive me crazy. Free scroll was too sensitive to allow me to middle click a link without scrolling off the link so I would have to toggle the mode after every link. Nevermind how I had to toggle it back and forth in game to allow for proper weapon selection.

    I have the V450 Nano and love it however I was really hoping for something like it with thumb buttons.

    • Hi HackNeyed,

      The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX does use the wheel middle click to toggle between free scroll and click scroll like the VX Nano.

      Best, Erik

  • HackNeyed, you make the same point as me. I dont actually use the rapid scroll, when it’s click scroll at least you can click things. Click scroll is also the only way you can game. the VX revolution was perfect. I’m under the impression these two mice wont have click scrolling. I’ve seen no mention as of yet.

    Unlike the VX Rev which says this >

    A new concept in PC navigation, this revolutionary alloy scroll wheel operates in two distinct modes: Free-spin Mode for hyper-fast, nearly frictionless scrolling, or Click-to-click Mode for detailed navigation using an ultra-precise ratchet-scrolling mechanism. Fly through hundreds of pages — or move line-by-line — with more precision than ever before.

    Bummer. They look perfect otherwise, but i’ll not be using free-spin mode.

    • Hi Harry,

      Both the Logitech Performance Mouse MX and the Anywhere Mouse MX feature click-to-click scrolling as well as the free spin mode.

      Best, Erik

  • I like to have a big mouse so my hand can rest on it.

    How big is the Performance MX? Width? Length?

    How is the size of the MX Revolution or the G9x compared to the Performance MX?

    • Hi Handig,

      The mice are similar in size. The Logitech Performance Mouse MX is 128.3mm x 83.4mm x 47.0mm (L x W x H). As a comparison, the G9x is 130 x 76 x 44mm (L x W x H).

      Best, Erik

  • HI Erik, are the dimensions of Anywhere MX similar to VX NaNO? any comments on why the battery life is only 4 months (and that’s using 2 AA batteries). Thanks!

    • Hi Dennis,

      The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX dimensions are 90.5 x 63.0 x 34.5 millimeters (L x W x H) which is comparable to the VX Nano.

      Best, Erik

  • In addition, when the mini-USB cable in plugged into the Performance Mouse MX to recharge, you can still use the mouse for all of your activities.
    Regards, Erik

    If only you had made it operate as a wired mouse when plugged in, then it would be perfect for gaming, with the increased response time, going back to wifi when the cable was removed.

    Like others I will miss the smart scrolling, and Never use Side scrolling.

    Battery life looks much better than the Revolution, (3d for me) But what about a magnetic cable attachment?

    Will miss the extra buttons the side wheel provided, only three near the thumb now, another hidden one like the MX1100 would have been nice,

    Will wait for an in depth review, but am going to stick with my MXRevolution, working with glass and the smaller adapter will not tempt me to replace such a good mouse.

  • This almost seems like the PERFECT mouse for me, but I have a few questions:

    1) What are the response times for both mice in milliseconds?

    2) How is changing between 100-1500dpi done? I understand on other mice there are 2 dpi up/down buttons with LED indicator (can adjust dpi on-the-fly WITHOUT DRIVERS installed on someone else’s computer), but i don’t see those buttons in the above pictures.

    3) I like that the performance mx is rechargeable without a docking station and can be used while recharging as a WIRED mouse, but I still prefer swapping AA batteries than continuously recharging lithium ion batteries because: a) total wireless freedom, b) longer battery life, c) I’m always concerned of the shortening lifespan of lithium ion batteries after a few years of use and a replacement can’t be bought off supermarket shelves. My question is, does the performance MX use a lithium ion battery, or does it use 2 AA batteries (in which if they are Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd they can be recharged via USB)?
    * I hope it accepts and can recharge 2 AA batteries because that also makes it a portable battery charger!

  • Well the SmartShift is really software issue or is it not?
    I do have MX Revolution and this mouse has almost everything I’d love to implement into MX Revolution.
    Is the wheel the same as in MX Revolution? Because according feedback on forum I did understand many people had problem with it since in a certain time of using the middle gum part get pulled and the wheel is no longer scrolling easily. The SmartShift I thing might help to not solve but extend problem-free functionality. Do you know about this issue?
    Anyway this seems to be great mouse and I am looking forward to try it.
    Once more time well done!

  • I just purchased this mouse last night after 8 years of using an older Logitech mouse. I like it, but the hand position will take some getting used to. One problem I do have with it is that it seems like it goes to sleep at random times. I move the mouse around and the cursor on screen doesn’t move. After a few seconds it starts working again. I’m heading back to exchange for another one. Hopefully it works better.

  • My MX Revolution is starting to show it’s age…. time for an upgrade. When will the Performance MX be available in Canada? I’ve heard end of august. Is that right?

    • Hi Ken,

      Keep an eye out – the new mice should be available in Canada in September.

      Best, Erik

  • Are there plans to provide these mice (or mice with similar darkfield or hyperscrolling tech) in colours other than charcoal with bits of silver (white would be a great start)?

    • Hi Mark,

      At this time, we only have black versions of these mice. But thank you for your comment and we will keep it in mind.

      Best, Erik

  • Does the performance MX use replacable rechargable batteries or an integrated battery like the MX1000? Thanks!

  • Uh! Very much it would be desirable to test this mouse. When it officially will appear on sale in Russia?

  • There seems to be a manufacturing or design flaw with the performance mouse. The micro usb cable provided does not easily fit into the socket on the mouse. You have to force the cable into the mouse, which, in my case, has destroyed the pins in the socket. After less than a week, the brand new Performance Mouse MX will not charge. I have returned it to Amazon and am waiting for a replacement.

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