New Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for PS3

Today we introduced the Logitech® Wireless Drum Controller for the PLAYSTATION 3 system. Licensed by Activision Publishing, Inc. for the award-winning Guitar Hero franchise, the Wireless Drum Controller features premium drum heads with recessed rims. The product is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in July and in Europe beginning in August for a suggested retail price of $229.99 (U.S.).

Wireless Drum Controller for PS3


Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • wow very cool, very expensive. anyway <3 Logitech!
    looks really amazing and high quality but it costs more then the entire game heh

  • Finally! I do like the look of this set and how easy it will fold flat. Nice feature. The only issue I have with this is that it looks like they just took the cymbal head off the original set by redoctane and attached them to their new set. But again, I said “looks” like. It’s probably better material but they could have wasted some extra plastic like mad catz did and make a round cymbal.

    The question is, is this set upgradable? I waited quite a long time for this to come out and when pics of it leaked 4 weeks ago, I decided to just get the Ion set. I’ve got 3 cymbals, 4 drum pads and a double bass kick pedal. It came along with a drum brain so I could hook it up to my receiver and play real drums as well.

    Is Logitech planning on working with any other company to try and make this set upgradable in the same type of way? Inquiring minds…

    With all that said I think this is a very nice drum set. And for the money you can’t beat it. (ha! drum pun) It’s very affordable for what you get.

    • Hi Ben,

      The cymbals are very different in construction to the ones on the standard Guitar Hero drum set. The Logitech cymbals are slightly bigger in size, giving a wider striking area, and have an adjustable tilt angle. They are covered in an elastomer compound which dampens the noise.

      Although we don\’t have any plans for the kit to be used as a stand-alone drum set, the Logitech Drum Controller is designed to be modular. Each head, cymbal and pedal has a standard (3.5 mm) connector to the game-console-specific \”brain\” unit – so there is potential for future expansion as the game features evolve.

      Cheers, Ruben

    • Hi shnydi and joe,

      Unfortunately, I\’m not at liberty to reveal information about our future plans with regard to products.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    When will this be released on the PS3. Right now the website says “Pre-order.”

  • Actually looks like the site has changed to “Add to Cart,” however, they appear to be out-of stock. What retailers will be selling the drums?

    • Hi Eric,

      The drums are available for purchase now on

      Cheers, Ruben

  • What kind of drum heads does it have, is it a mesh head like a training drum or rubber heads with foam under like “ION Drum Rocker”?

    Is there a release date set for Europe?


    • Hi Jonas,

      Many aftermarket electronic drum kits and game controllers source their drum heads. However, we developed our own using a synthetic elastomer surface for the drum heads. We tuned the feel to give a more realistic bounce with the stick, and to dampen noise.

      As far as European availability, they are currently scheduled to be in store in October.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • “As far as European availability, they are currently scheduled to be in store in October.”

    In October??? Are you sure?

    “The product is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in July and in Europe beginning in August for a suggested retail price of $229.99 (U.S.).”

    • Hi Cybo,

      You are right – good catch – my apology. The first units will reach the Logitech warehouse at the end of August, so they should be shipping by the first week of September.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben

    How is the compatibility to the Rock Band Series on the PS3?
    And if it is, its the same layout pattern as the original GH:WT Drum Kit on Rock Band?
    And if yes, is the layout pattern changeable? Because i would like to use the right cymbal instead of the left (if i play rock band).


    ps: I really have a look on this Kit because the ION seems not to be compatible with both games on PS3

    • Hi SoniX,

      On the PS3 Platform, the Logitech Drum Controller works great with Rock Band 2, and because of the individually adjustable heads and cymbals, you can set the layout however you prefer – so swapping cymbals over is no problem.

      However, the Logitech Drum Controller (like the Guitar Hero World Tour Drums) are not currently supported by the original Rock Band game on PS3. I am not sure whether this will (can) change in the future.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Will this drum set support a second kick pedal? If so, availability and price?

    Thanks for help.

    • Hi Chad and Jason,

      Yes, the Logitech Drum Controller does support a second kick drum pedal. However, right now I do not have a price or date for availability for the separate pedal unit. I hope to be able to get back to you with that soon – I\’m sorry don\’t have the answer yet.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • HI!
    when will be the drums avaible in stores in europe
    august or october

    can i buy the drums online earlier then october ??

    • Hi Victor,

      The first units will reach the Logitech warehouse at the end of August, so they should be shipping by the first week of September.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • that means i can buy them in stores at the end of august

    and buy them online in the beginning of september

  • will there be a seperate kick pedal for sale. if so what will the cost be and when will it be avalible

  • Hi Chad,

    The drums should be available to order online from Best and Future Shops at the end of August.

    Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben

    How big are the drums.
    In my livingroom there are a spot on ca 1m2 that I have to put the drums on, is that enough?

    • Hi Kim,

      This is not very scientific, but I just sat down in our testing room with the drum kit and (including clearance for swinging elbows and flailing sticks) I think I\’d need a minimum space of 1m x 1m. If you have longer legs than me (or if your style is more like Keith Moon) you might need to sit a few cms further back. The drum kit itself has a footprint of about 76cm x 50cm in the ready-to-play position.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi, are the pedal designed so that I will be able to use it with heel-toe (hitting it first with my heel and then with my toe for fast hits) and will other aftermarket pedals be compatible like the destroyer-D or Roadie pedal?

    • Hi Jacop,

      Although I cannot say that we optimized the pedal action for the heel-toe technique, I can say that our adjustable spring tension and wider base make it easier to achieve than with the regular GH World Tour pedal. There\’s a cool YouTube tutorial by \”deathsketch\” ( ) that shows how it\’s done on a standard GH drum set. BTW, I personally don\’t think that the Ion/Roadie pedal is any better optimized for this – though I haven\’t yet used the Destroyer product.

      I believe that both the Roadie and Destroyer pedals include a 1/4\” mono jack to jack cable, so to use them with the Logitech Drum Controller, you would need a 1/4\” socket to 3.5mm (1/8\”) jack plug converter. A headphone adapter like this ( would work.

      Cheers, Ruben

    • Hi Glen,

      The drum heads are slightly larger than the original GHWT kit. Overall, the Logitech Drum Controller is 3 inches wider and taller than the original. The support legs are spaced 28\” wide, almost twice that of the original\’s 16\” supports.

      Overall dimensions can vary, since the drum heads and cymbal pads can be adjusted to various heights and angles.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben

    Would you say that the drums are like the Ion drums for Rock Band, or do you mean that they are totaly different from the Ion drums?

  • Hi Kim,

    The Ion drum set is marketed exclusively for the Rock Band game, and although cross-compatibility is improving (see my reply to SoniX’s post), our product targets the Guitar Hero game. However, I guess our Drum Controller is “like” the Ion in that it uses premium materials and construction, although I don’t think that the Ion kit solves the ease-of-storage or ease-of-construction problems that we’ve solved.

    Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi, Ruben. Great customer service you’re giving up there. : )

    Now, a couple of questions regarding the pedal:

    1. Is there anything on the pedal to prevent it from sliding around?

    2. Is the Logitech drumkit compatible with the regular GHWT pedals?

    • Hi deafdani,

      The answers are: 1 – Yes! The pedal has soft rubber feet (for hard/polished surfaces) and also we provide an optional Velcro patch in the box, for better adherence to carpet
      and 2: Yes – it shares the same 3.5mm plug (aka 1/8\”) connections.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • i only have a couple easy questions… i play rock band 2, not guitar hero…

    will the drums work with velocity sensitivity on rock band?
    will the orange cymbal work as the green pad or blue pad on rock band?
    will this be sold at FYE stores? (i have store credit there)


    • Hi dRuEFFECT

      The Logitech Drum Set has velocity sensitive heads, however, the PS3 version of Rock Band 2 does not detect them as Velocity Sensitive. I believe this is also an issue for other 3rd party drum kits, and I do not know if this will be changed. The Orange Cymbal can be exchanged with the blue or green heads by switching over the respective plugs on the controller \”brain\” unit. As for FYE, I know that they do sell Logitech gaming products, so I think you should ask at your local store about availability.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi again, Ruben! I have some other questions:

    1. Why aren’t there any reviews on the Logitech Drum Kit, if it’s been out on the market in the USA since July?

    2. I’ve had a terrible experience with the stock GHWT drums (they were faulty out of the box), and I even went and bought Goodwood Mods for them, and even those were faulty out of the box as well (way too sensitive, they kept overhitting even AFTER I dialed down the sensitivity of them all the way to zero with Red Octane’s calibration software).

    And I don’t live in the U.S. That means I have to pay a fair amount of money just to get anything shipped to my country.

    So, my question is this: what warranty do I have that Logitech’s drums will work properly out of the box and that they will last me, unlike the stock GHWT drums, or the goodwoods?

    I don’t pound on the drums like a gorilla or anything, I just had really bad luck, and I’d hate it if the Logitech drums came faulty out of the box, too, seeing as I have to pay $230 plus international shipping… So, how does your warranty covers the product if it comes faulty out of the box and not because of user abuse? Is there any replacement plan, or money-back-guarantee, or what? Do you guys cover shipping back?

    3. Will you sell replacement pads and cymbals, for when the time comes when they inevitable wear out after a lot of use?

    4. I’ve seen in photos that the Logitech drums have 2 exra ports unused. One of them looked like a MIDI port, like the one present in the GHWT stock kit, am I correct?

    Then what’s the other port left for? Is it the same kind as the ports for the pads / cymbals? Did you guys put it there for possible expansions in the future (for example, putting an extra cymbal?)

    Wow. A lot of questions in here. Please answer them as best as you can, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again!

    • Hi again deafdani,

      I am expecting you\’ll see reviews soon – we wanted to get units in peoples hands as soon as possible, so the first units went straight onto for sale the same time the first review units were sent out. Hearing your experience with the GH WT drums, I can understand your frustration. All I can promise is that our customer support team will strive to help you and treat you fairly – not that I expect you to have issues with the product. I think the original sensitivity problem you experienced was solved by Activision with their PC-based \”tuning\” application through the midi port – at least that was my experience (and what I read on forums). Through our work with Activision (and with the benefit of a later launch date) I believe Logitech\’s drums are less subject to these \”teething\” problems. We don\’t currently plan on selling parts separately, however, if there is demand we will consider it. And yes, the additional sockets you see are there for future expansion of the game features ;-)

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben!

    I’m really interested in these drums. They look awesome.

    I just wanted to know if you can play with them on the PC version of Guitar Hero World Tour (as this version is sold with the PS3-version drum kit).

    And has it be tested with Frets on Fire?

    Thanks a lot from Switzerland!

    • Hi mimiju,

      I have not tested them on the PC version yet, however, if the developer (Aspyr) were using the PS3 version of the Activision GH WT drum set, I am pretty confident that the Logitech drum set will work exactly the same way. If I get any other info I will post it here. And no, we have not (yet) tested it with FoF – though I am interested in hearing the experiences of anyone who has!

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    First of all, make sure your superiors see this blog. It’s very rare to see committed support like this from major vendors.

    Compliments aside, I was wondering if you could explain to us newbies if/how the sensitivity can be adjusted for each of the drums.
    I’ve read there is software available for the GH:WT that does this, would it be the same process for the Logitech kit or possibly adjusted via the PS3 menu?

    • Hi Luke,

      The drums sensitivity is not something that will need to be user tuned – we have set the Logitech drums to perform exactly to the game\’s specification. I think the tuning you are referring to was a PC SW tool released by Activision to adjust the sensitivity of some of their initial production units that had drifted from their spec (here is an article about it) Having said that, our engineers were very aware of this issue during the design of our drum set, and they wrote in an adaptive noise-reduction algorithm which gives it a high sensitivity to light drum strokes, while eliminating \”ghost\” double-hits when you hit hard. It\’s totally transparent to you the player – it just works!

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben! Thanks for the answer.

    I had just another small question: Will it be possible in the future to use the drum kit as a real electronic drum kit (like the Ion)?

    • Hi mimiju,

      No I\’m sorry, we have no plans to create PC emulation SW for use as a PC drum kit. For what it\’s worth, my personal experience of PC-based e-drums is very frustrating (too much lag). If you enjoy GH or RB drumming, I think you\’ll have much more fun playing a real acoustic kit, or if your friends/family can\’t take the noise :-) try an e-drum kit that has its own midi HW module (not relying on the PC to be the \”brain\”).

      Cheers, Ruben

  • hi ruben
    i searched the drums in
    i found them
    i tried to buy them
    but it doenst work
    because im from germany
    so i searched in
    and i didnt found it
    and i dont know
    when the drums will be released in my neighbor store
    please help me

  • Hi Ruben!

    My question is about the package size, because I will travel to USA next week, and I’m really cosidering to buy one, but I can’t find in any size or vendor its dimmensions and weight. This is important to me because it will be part of my luggage, so it must fits in International Airline specs.

    Thank you very much!

    Best Regards,

    Marcos Igutti

    • Marcos,
      I am sorry to say that the box is large (31W x 6D x 25h) and would not fit in a suitcase.

    • Hi Daniel,
      The drums will work with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Rubed, it’s me again. Nice customer support you got here but I have another question. How is the rebound of the pads and will they wear out and get sloppy over time?

    Also will the drumkits be shipped to stores or will they be sold only through you’r website?


    • Hi Jacop,

      The elastomer material has been developed with a drum-like bounce to the stick. We have not seen any physical degradation with our life testing.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hello, i need to know if a pc computer recognize this device, and if it works with GH 3 and GH World Tour, PC version.

    Thank You

    (For example, i have a logitech driving force pro in my computer, and it works great!, the best ever driving simulation. And i know that this device is for ps3, but, for pc works too, perfectly)

    • Hi Fernando,
      As with all PS3 \”usb\” peripherals, it complies with the USB HID spec, so it does enumerate as a generic gamepad (called Drum Kit). See my earlier post to mimiju about compatibility (note that it won\’t work with GH3 in any case – since that game has no drummer!!).


    • Hi Kathy,
      We have not tested with Konami Drummania – and I am not familiar with the game, however, I am sure that the PS2 version uses a PS2-port controller – not a USB-port controller drum set like this one. So I am sure the answer is no. Sorry.


  • Sorry I have to bother you again Ruben, but could you make a video review for them and post it on the Logitech youtube channel? I’m really waiting for a review/show off video and I would love to see it in action.

  • Thanks Ruben for your answer, i forget to ask you, if the guitar hero world tour (pc version, this game have the drum option) will recognize the logitech drum kit
    Thank YOU man

    • Hi Fernando,

      The drums should work with Guitar Hero World Tour for PC, as they function identically to the Guitar Hero drum set.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • It actually looks cheap…. with ION Pads with logitech logos… The ION rack is nicer… This looks like a pared down ion rack with roadie wedge cymbals and a home made GHWT controller box Ill stick with my ions… The wedge cymbals were loud just as loud as the stock ion cymbals (I have pintech TC cymbals now which are MUCH quieter) Logitech I love ya but ya should have done a better drum kit than the IONs and sold it for cheaper… this looks to be only mildly better than the stock RB2 drum kit…

    But I still <3 ya Logitech

  • Hello

    Thanks for this blog and your customer service, it’s very impressive!

    Do you have a release date for Europe, France especially?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mamouchi,

      The Wireless Drum Controller for PS3 is expected to be available in Europe beginning in mid-September.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi!

    Will this work with the accents GH has where you have to hit a little harder sometimes?
    Also im not sure if you answered this already but is there double bass support?

    • Hi Tonkeli,

      The Logitech drum pads, cymbal pads and bass pedal are all velocity-sensing, so the Logitech Wireless Drum Controller allows you to hit harder and score the points for accented notes. Add-on second bass pedals for Guitar Hero are also compatible with the Drum controller. There isn\’t an extra connection port; add-on pedals come with a special splitter connector so that both pedals connect to the same (purple) port.

      Hope this helps, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    You have already answered part of my question. It is related about the size of the box AND the weight. Could you provide some details about it? How many pounds?


  • Another size question– can you provide the dimensions of the unit in the “stowed” position (when it’s folded flat)? I’d like to know if it will fit under my couch. Thanks!

    • Hi Jordan,

      The dimensions are:
      42”h x 31”w x 22”d (assembled)
      25”h x 31”w x 5”d (folded)

      Cheers, Ruben

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