New Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for PS3

Today we introduced the Logitech® Wireless Drum Controller for the PLAYSTATION 3 system. Licensed by Activision Publishing, Inc. for the award-winning Guitar Hero franchise, the Wireless Drum Controller features premium drum heads with recessed rims. The product is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in July and in Europe beginning in August for a suggested retail price of $229.99 (U.S.).

Wireless Drum Controller for PS3


Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • I just don’t understand. Look how many people have posted regarding problems with crosstalk, double-hits, and sensitivity issues (not to mention, you can already find posts in other forums and youtube videos complaining about the same). How many of these units could have possibly been shipped at this point, and all we hear is “looks like you have a faulty cymbal or faulty brain unit on your hands…?” Hmm… I’m thinking it looks more like a faulty design. If there are already this many “faulty units,” then I’m definitely not interested in rolling the dice.

    Sure the casual player just mashing through songs for fun will certainly not notice problems like crosstalk and double-hits. They barely know when they’re hitting the right notes anyway. But this product is clearly marketed towards the expert players. These players are trying to full-combo songs on expert. A single double-hit or false hit blows it. Not to mention the fact that you need a splitter for double bass? Are you kidding? This “premium” drum kit is DESIGNED FOR guitar hero, but doesn’t natively support expert+ by providing TWO input jacks for pedals (and maybe even a second pedal in the box for goodness’ sake). Who are you kidding Logitech? At this price point, a “premium” drum kit simply CANNOT allow cross-talk or double-hits. This MUST be priority number one. I don’t care how great the pads are or anything else for that matter if I get double hits EVER. And no user-calibration? Because your “algorithm” is so perfect? Please. At least with the GHWT drums, crap though they may be, I can perfectly calibrate the sensitivity to my normal striking force, and completely eliminate crosstalk.

    Nice try Logitech, but I’ll stick with the stock kit for now. There is a real cash cow out there for a company that can nail a “premium” drum kit at this price point. It can’t be that freaking hard. All you have to do is beat the GHWT kit and keep it around $250-$300 and I’m in, along with the thousands of other expert+ players.

  • Hi Ruben.

    I played on the logitech drumset at a gaming expo and was very dissapointed as the yellow cymbal dropped frequently. I play Guitar Hero drums on expert and expert+ and I cant afford to be worrying about cymbals not working. My GHWT set is doing just fine, its got a few dents in the pads but the responsive is there. Your drumset was a pleasure to play until every second yellow cymbal were double registers occured. Was this an issue with previous sets or are alot of them still faulty with faulty cymbals or “brain” units.

    I live in South Africa, so to send them back and forth if they faulty would be one huge nightmare.

    Thanks for your time.

  • I noticed an earlier post that mentioned that the MIDI jack on the back of the controller box is intended for future expansion. On the PS3 version at least, I also notice that there is an extra pad or symbol jack, between the MIDI jack and the red input jack. This jack has a black ring. Is this also for future expansion?

    Although I can understand why you don’t have them available at this time, I would like to say that I’d like to see the separate PS3, X-Box and Wii control boxes made available separately. If possible, I’d like to be able to buy extra pads and symbols too. Just letting you know I’d be interested in that, and likely others would be too. :)

  • The pedal that ships with these is horrible, its the loudest thing ever and really poorly designed, songs i used to miss few notes on i now cant even hold a 4x multiplier if theres a lot of bass.
    So i tried to use my old WT stock pedal, i have two, one i got with the stock kit and one i bought for GH metallica. This kit doesnt support either one of them. I tried using it single and with headphone splitter for double bass and it didnt work either way. To get one hit to register i had to kick down ridiculously hard.

    I doubt it will work with any third party pedal either, you have any info on this Ruben? If i just could get a proper kick pedal i could try live with the poorly registering on cymbals.

    • Hi ronron,

      The experience you describe isn’t normal. The bass pedal should register light to heavy hits without problem. The pedal should work interchangeably with original GHWT pedals. I’ve used the drums with both pedals together and separately with no problems. I suggest you contact support ( for assistance.


  • Logitech had better be prepared to have every one of these units sold to come back to them. Maybe they should have considered just one expert player’s assessment of their product before they put it on the market.

    Ruben has already said that any other pedal should work fine (including the stock WT pedal). This is clearly not the case, as I’ve seen SEVERAL posts already to the effect that people are not getting them to register except by kicking down extremely hard. Clearly the sensitivity calibration for the Logitech pedal is different, and of course it cannot be changed.

    The people who are willing to shell out $250 for a game controller are not casual players… they are serious players who are looking for a superior controller to improve their scores. They are very competitive and they care about every single missed note due to a less-than-perfect controller.

    Someone please tell me why ION has had over a year now to produce an ION Rocker with 5 pad inputs that would allow the 5-lane highway in GH? I just don’t understand. The expert drummers should be preferring GH over RB, because of the challenge of 5 pads over 4. I know I do. There is an underground community of users modding their ION Rocker to recognize 5 pads. How hard could it be for ION to make that? I’m starting to think Logitech is paying them off not to so they can sell their crap.

  • Your comments are spot on, jbag. They have obviously not let a single expert-player tried their drums before the release. I was planning on getting one, but made some research first on whether an extra drum pedal could be bought separately, and saw this. I just find it shockingly incompetent.

  • I am really pissed off at logitech for wasting my money on a product of this poor quality.
    In a nutshell;

    - The kit is anyhing but quiet like it says on your product page, bass pedal is the worst followed by the cymbals
    - Only bass pedal you can use with them is logitechs own, so theres no way use double bass.And when they do start selling seperate pedals, its still their own terrible bass pedal and you have no other option.
    - Cymbals drop hits and require a too hard hit in the first place, it really makes you hate any song with a lot of hi-hat like everlong because you just cant hold a combo.. (And yeah i can on a WT kit but not on this one)
    - The height adjustment thing was loose out of the box and i had to ducktape it so it wouldnt fall on itself while playing..

    I am amazed how logitech put this kit on the market for about 200€.. There are a lot of issues with it and it feels like an alpha version of a product, nothing really works right. Im avoiding logitech from now on, it was a lot of money for me and ive never been this frustrated about anything ive bought in my life. I hope anyone thinking about buying these reads this blog first and saves their money. Also anyone whos bought these should go write some reviews on scorehero and amazon etc, i know i will.

    • Hi,

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. From your comments, it appears that your controller may have a defective cymbal. All the pads are designed to be responsive to a wide range of hits, from soft to hard. If you have to hit it hard, it is not functioning correctly. Customer support can help you get a replacement.

      The Logitech Wireless Drum Controller is compatible with original Guitar Hero Drum kick pedals, and can accommodate two pedals, when used with a 3mm mono splitter. We will soon offer a replacement pedal which will include a splitter for expansion. The Logitech pedal does sound different than the stock pedal. It has a more realistic mechanism inside to feel more like a real kick pedal, and to be adjustable.

      The height adjustment lock may have loosened during shipping. It can be tightened with an Allen key and will lock solidly in place without tape.


  • Hello.

    I am considering purchasing one of these but the only bit I am unsure about is adding a second kick pedal to the unit for GH Metallica. This is only site that seems to mention adding a second kick pedal.

    Unfortunately, I emailed Logitech Customer Care before finding this site and asked them the question – can I add a second kick pedal to this unit. The cut down version of their reply being – No, it is only designed for one kick pedal. After finding this site, I pointed Customer Care in the direction of this site and Ruben’s comments asking them to double check their response to me. Their reply being, ‘I would like to clarify that the stated on the forum was a replacement piece not for an extra pedal.’

    Very confusing, so, the answer is…..? I don’t want to buy the kit and find out that it can’t be done.


    • Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the confusion. The drum controller has a single kick pedal connection, but more than one pedal can be connected using a splitter connector. We expect to offer a replacement pedal kit soon, and the replacement kit will include the splitter. So if you order a replacement pedal, it can be used as a second pedal. The Wireless Drum Controller is also compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour Bass Kick Pedals, using a 3.5 mm mono or stereo male to two female splitter.

      Hope that helps.


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