Logitech Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3 Now Available

Hi again everyone. I’m happy to be able to tell you (finally!) that the Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3 will be available in the next few weeks in North America, is coming any day to Australia, and will be available in Europe in July. Thanks for the many great comments and questions you posted in response to my March 20 blog post. Let me respond to some of them as succinctly as possible…

How much?
$59.99 suggested retail price

Harmony 3

How does it work?
In short, the adapter takes an infrared (IR) signal from your Harmony remote, and then transmits a Bluetooth wireless signal that commands the PS3.

Can I use it to control other components that use Bluetooth wireless technology, such as the Wii game console?
No – in a nutshell, the adapter speaks a Bluetooth language using hardware and software that is specific to PS3, in the same way that Sony’s game controllers are specific to the PS3.

How is it powered?
The adapter runs off of an independent AC power plug (wall). We considered USB, but we didn’t want the adapter to use up one of your valuable USB ports. And if it did, you wouldn’t be able to power on the PS3. We also thought about using batteries, but we didn’t want to subject you to a frustrating troubleshooting exercise when it ran out of juice a year from now (I’d probably forget it had batteries by then). Once you plug it in, you won’t have to think about it anymore.

Which remotes will it work with?
Any Logitech Harmony remote. This adapter allows your Harmony remote to control the PS3 just as it would any other AV component (cable box, TV, DVR, etc.) in your entertainment system. You will have access to special commands we’ve created through your Harmony online account, including a power-off macro that allows you to turn off the PS3, along with your entire entertainment system, with a single button. It is NOT designed for use with other remote controls.

Why not make a remote with Bluetooth built in?
We’ve certainly looked into it – but we don’t want to make our existing Harmony users buy a new remote for PS3 control, nor do we want to restrict this control to a single Harmony model. With the adapter, you can use any Harmony remote you’d like.

Last, here’s a setup tip to keep in mind once you get the adapter and go to update your Harmony remote via your online account: If you’ve previously added a PS3 device to your account, remove it and then add it back as a new device. This will give you all the new codes and controls you need for the PS3. We’ve created what we believe is a good default button configuration for you. But if you’re like me, you’ll want to spend some time tweaking the buttons to perfectly suit your own tastes and your own unique setup. Then it’s off to the couch to enjoy your Blu-ray HD experience. Enjoy!

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Update (September 23, 2009)

Hi everyone,

Thanks all for your continued feedback.

We’ve been able to reproduce the issue that some of our customers have reported when using game controllers in combination with our Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3. The issue exists in only the first batch of Harmony adapters we manufactured — the product that we’re currently producing works as expected.

The behavior is that the game controller loses its connection to or may fail to connect to the PS3 when the Logitech adapter is connected. These issues are most often seen with the new PS3 Slim, but we have also observed inconsistent behavior with the original PS3 and recent Sony firmware updates.

If you are experiencing similar behavior with your game controllers and our Harmony adapter, more information is available here.

Thanks for your patience, Troy


Global Product Marketing Manager, Gaming


    • Hi Johnny,

      It will be available in Europe beginning in July for 59.99 euros.


  • Hi there,

    When will it be available in Switzerland and what will be the price?

    Best regards and keep up the good work

    • Hi Ben,

      Like all remote controls for PS3, it won’t be recognized within games. However, when you’re not in a game, you have access to all the same controls as a standard PS3 game controller. With your Harmony remote and the adapter, you can navigate the system with ease, do things like scroll through and play music files and videos, and of course, control DVDs and Blu-ray movies.

  • Logitech should make the IR command available for other Remotes as well. They would sell a whole lot more of them.

  • No RF? I have to attach one of the IR sensors from the extender to the front of this $60 device? I love Logitech and buy Logitech products whenever I have the chance because they are the best and they rarely do things halfarsed. I’m believing that no built-in RF and having taken so long to develop this device is one in that low-populated column.

    • Hi WhyNotV2,
      There are a few ways to use the PS3 adapter with an RF Harmony remote. You could place the PS3 adapter within line of sight of the remote control – all the RF remote models also emit IR. Alternatively, you can place the PS3 adapter behind the RF extender’s IR emitter cable. OR, if you’d prefer, you can use a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable (male to male) to connect a port on the PS3 adapter directly to your Harmony RF extender. You can find such a cable online or at your local electronics store.

  • Looks like this adapter is up over at Amazon, and exclusive to them. At least right now…

  • Bestbuy’s website is saying available 5/27-6/9. Does that sound about right? I’m ready for this device as well! Been looking at purchasing a device like this for quite some time. Glad I haven’t yet, as I will for sure be getting Logitech’s! The $60 price tag doesn’t really bother me at all.

  • Why not sell this adapter AND release a harmony remote with bluetooth built-in as well? Then you won’t alienate current harmony users, while also presenting a better alternative to new users to harmony. I’ve wanted to buy a harmony 550 for a few months, but because my main media player at home is a PS3, I’ve been waiting for a better solution. Buying the same harmony 550 + this adapter is an option, but not the one I’ve been hoping for.

  • First Day Purchase, ’nuff said.

    Seriously, thank you Logitech for finally coming out with this.

  • Interesting.. I presume, what with it shooting out bluetooth commands, this can sit on top of a credenza or closed entertainment cabinet and work properly like any other RF remote, even if my 880 is just IR?

    Alternately, the Nyko IR USB dongle works great with Harmony but doesn’t have remote poweron or ‘Playstation’ button.

    If this had come out 6 months ago, I’d have gotten it when I got my PS3, but maybe I’ll wait until xmas or birthday now..

  • I think WhyNotV2 is confused. They have also confused me on what the heck they are talking about. Plug in the AC adapter and pair it with the PS3 and you are good to go.

  • I just ordered this from Amazon…. and it already shipped and has a delivery date of Thursday.

  • Hi all,
    Quick update – as many of you have already figured out, you can order today (in U.S.) on some online sites, including our own.

  • 60 dollars in the US and then 60 euros in Europe??? At today’s rates 60 euros is MORE THAN 80 DOLLARS!!! Add in 25% Norwegian sales tax and we’re at 100 bucks. Approximately half the price I payed for my Harmony One which is just WAY too much.

    This is a great product, but I’ll be fine with picking up my dualshock until the prices come down…

  • Troy – Great product, happy to see it released. Here’s an unrelated question though – is there an RF-enabled version of the Harmony One coming any time soon? I have an 890 and it is absolute junk compared to the One, but due to my HT setup I need the RF abilities. I would eagerly jump on an RF-enabled One…

    • Hi Braden,

      That\’s probably a better question for the Harmony team (I\’m in the gaming business unit), but as a rule, we can\’t reveal information about our future plans with regard to products. In any case, I\’ll forward your comment to the Harmony team.


  • This is great! Would you mind providing a list of the pre-configured special commands that will be made available?

    • Hi Brian,

      First, we\’ve created default button mapping, taking the standard 51 PS3 commands and applying them to the most appropriate hard and soft (LCD) buttons on the Harmony remotes. You just need to update your remote by adding the updated PS3 device to your online Harmony account. You may still want to tweak your own button configuration — and all of these commands can be assigned to any buttons you choose.

      Above and beyond the standard commands, we\’ve added a PS3 power off macro command that allows Harmony users to turn the PS3 — and their entire entertainment system — off with a single touch. And one other little nugget — in addition to a PS button, we\’ve added a \”PS hold\” command because the system recognizes a difference between holding a PS button and tapping it. All of these commands can be assigned to any Harmony remote button.


  • What are the voltage / power requirements? I’m curious because I would like to use my USB to power adapter instead of an actual power supply which would be coming from another component (either my A/V receiver, DirecTV receiver, or power conditioner) that supplies constant power whether its off or on.

    • Hi RobertV,

      The power adapter we use is 5V/500mA. We investigated using a USB power solution, but opted against it beacuse if you use the PS3 as the power source you wouldn\’t be able to power on the PS3 with the remote and you would also tie up one of those precious USB ports that could otherwise be used for game controllers.


  • As another European customer, charging €60 for a $60 product is nothing short of gouging – and as I’m in the UK will you also be charging £60 for this product ($92 equivalent)?

    I really don’t know how you think you can justify charging over $20 more for the same product in Europe.

    Sorry, but I’ll pass, thanks. Now, if you were charging a more realistic price of €45 to €50 (or £40 to £45) I’d bite your arm off, but don’t take the Michael out of us.

  • Indeed — am curious as well as to when this is coming out in AU. I checked the AU website and there’s no mention of it whatsoever. The blog made it sound like we’d get it before the States!! Was quite excited. :D

  • Hi, does this unit do power sensing. I dont see a power sensing option on it, the new schmart adapter while 20 dollars more provides a usb power sensing cord.

    This is for us with kids or who forget to turn it off and on and off with the remote, and things would get out of sync.

    Would be interested if this unit has a power sensing cord, or any power sensing somehow implemented.

    • Hi OneTwo,

      We don\’t include power sensing because the remote and adapter can turn the PS3 on and off — and yes, the commands are different for on and off. By default, your Harmony remote and adapter will turn the PS3 off when you power off your system (you can change this of course in your Harmony account). Your Harmony remote also keeps track of the state of your components, and you can always use the remote\’s Help button if any of your devices (including PS3) get out of sequence.


  • OR just a follow up, maybe this unit does not need it? Are the off and on button different.

    On the other units this occurred because pressing the ps button turned it on, and pressing the ps button also turned it off.

  • How are you doing On/Off? Is it through a macro or something? Or will it always work? I have an off sequence programmed in my Harmony via the IR2BT controller I have, but it sometimes doesn’t work.

    • Hi JakiChan,

      Power off is a macro command and power on is the equivalent of tapping the PS button on a game controller.


  • Any word on a date for Canadian availability? I’m looking forward to hurling the lousy non-backlit Sony blu-ray remote in the trash as soon as possible…

  • I think you missed a trick by not powering this device via a USB socket, you could have provided a power supply terminating in a USB plug and given users the choice of using either the provided wall-wart or an always-on USB port for power, seeing as USB ports are now common on AV kit (amps, set-top boxes etc.) which would very likely be in the vicinity of the PS3.

    The power requirements for this device can be provided no problem by USB, and I find the decision not to support USB quite bizarre.

  • Here’s a novel idea…why not make both and give consumers the option? Existing Harmony users can buy this super expensive AC plug hogging $60 adapter OR buy a brand new bluetooth enabled remote. Everyone wins.

  • When will this be available in Australia? This blog suggests “any day” in Australia, yet US websites are already selling it before Australia, even though they were supposed to get it “in the next few weeks”.

    I phoned Logitech Presales who directed me to Harmony Support, as they didn’t know about it. Harmony Support told me to call DSE and Harvey Norman. Both these stores do not have it in their systems, and neither do any Australian online stores.

    If it’s going to be a few weeks, please let us know so I can stop chasing now and wait. Cheers.

  • I received the Harmony PS3 Adapter last night. It has a port to connect a cable to my RF Extender so you do not have to have line of sight to the PS3, at least, that’s how I understand it. I’m technically challenged.

    What type cable do I use and where do I get it?


  • @Andrew, Spin, Albert, Geoffo and Shayno,

    Quick update on availability. For our friends in Australia, it should start to to show up online in June. Pricing is $99 AUD. In Canada, it should start to be available online as early as next week!


  • Hi John,

    The adapter connects wirelessly to the PS3 (via Bluetooth). One port is for the power supply. The other (optional use), as I mentioned in my post to WhyNotV2, can be used to connect the adapter to one of the Harmony RF extenders.


  • How will the adapter handle PS3 firmware updates? I’m already reading that with the latest PS3 update, the adapter will not power on the PS3.

    • Hi Adam,

      System updates for the PS3 won\’t affect the functionality of the adapter and Harmony remote.


  • Hello tpetersen,

    is the US-Adapter comapitble with the PAL-PS3 and also with Europe-Harmonys?


  • I live in the UK and I’m visiting the US next week. If I pick one of these up will it work in the UK?

    • Hi John and LXD,

      The U.S. adapter will work in the U.K. as long as you have an outlet converter.


  • So no plans to ever make a bluetooth remote? I think the excuse is silly, it’s not like you’re never going to make another model with more features again. People don’t have to buy things, but this one-way adpater approach is just plain backwards. It’s overpriced and I certainly don’t want something else to plug in.

  • $60 USD? So far I’ve seen $71 CDN online.

    My Sony BT remote cost $19 CDN. My Harmony remotes were both under $40 CDN.

    Where’s the value?

  • I have 2 PS3s and only 1 Harmony remote for now. If i use the adapter, will it interfere with the other PS3, or is it “locked” to just one PS3. Also, If i purchase another remote and adapter for the other PS3, will that interfere with this one?

    • Hi Junior,

      The Harmony Adapter for PS3 pairs directly with and remains paired to a single PS3 machine. If you have multiple PS3 machines, there is no issue with an adapter being confused because it is paired directly to one unit. If you had two PS3 machines in different rooms, you can control them separately. However, if you had two of the adapters within line of sight of a remote, the IR signals sent by the Harmony would be interepreted the same by both (the same way if you had to TVs with the same model in the same area).


  • Ordered it from Amazon with Saturday delivery Friday, and have been giving it a workout today. Love it! Thanks so much Logitech – this is exactly what I have been missing. Setup was dead simple, and so far I haven’t had a single issue. Plus, it looks pretty good!

    • Hi Charlie,

      Unfortunately, I can\’t vouch for specific products unless we\’ve had a chance to test ourselves. I wouldn\’t recommend using a USB power source unless that device always remains on, otherwise the power on/off won\’t work correctly. That said, you would need to find a connector/plug with the following specs to connect to the Harmony Adapter for PS3:

      3.5 mm outside diameter/1.1 mm inside diameter
      7.5 mm length of the barrel.
      + is inside pin
      - is outside contact


  • Received my Logitech Harmony adapter for ps3 yesterday. It is very nice. But I seem to be having some issues with it. For instance, if I go an activity involving my PS3, do whatever i have to do in that activity, then power off the ps3, then go to say my “Watch TV” activity, then when i go to power down everything with the power button at the top(i have a harmony 880), the PS3 COMES BACK ON! Pretty frustrating. But really the only way I’ve found to be able to keep the PS3 off is if I go back to my “Watch TV” activity, then hit the devices button, then PS3, then the PowerOff command. Anything else I do, the PS3 just seems to want to stay on, or come back on.

  • Okay, then how about this for weird behavior…. If I’m in a PS3 related activity, then power off, if I switch to “Watch TV” activity fast enough, the PS3 won’t come unexpectedly. But if I power off PS3, then let it sit there for a min, then go to my “Watch TV” activity, the PS3 will COME BACK ON. So frustrating, spent HOURS yesterday, trying to get it to act halfway right. I’m sure it’s something simple.

  • DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a Harmony and COUNTLESS other logitech products. I love these guys. But this new adapter is bloated hardware and at worst a bogus attempt to grab money. I’ve been using the Nyko Blu-Wave infrared remote USB receiver with my Harmony remote for a year now, and it works great, and I got it for $15 at Best Buy (unfortuntely, you have to be wasteful and throw away the Nyko remote…all you need is the USB receiver).

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