Logitech Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3 Now Available

Hi again everyone. I’m happy to be able to tell you (finally!) that the Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3 will be available in the next few weeks in North America, is coming any day to Australia, and will be available in Europe in July. Thanks for the many great comments and questions you posted in response to my March 20 blog post. Let me respond to some of them as succinctly as possible…

How much?
$59.99 suggested retail price

Harmony 3

How does it work?
In short, the adapter takes an infrared (IR) signal from your Harmony remote, and then transmits a Bluetooth wireless signal that commands the PS3.

Can I use it to control other components that use Bluetooth wireless technology, such as the Wii game console?
No – in a nutshell, the adapter speaks a Bluetooth language using hardware and software that is specific to PS3, in the same way that Sony’s game controllers are specific to the PS3.

How is it powered?
The adapter runs off of an independent AC power plug (wall). We considered USB, but we didn’t want the adapter to use up one of your valuable USB ports. And if it did, you wouldn’t be able to power on the PS3. We also thought about using batteries, but we didn’t want to subject you to a frustrating troubleshooting exercise when it ran out of juice a year from now (I’d probably forget it had batteries by then). Once you plug it in, you won’t have to think about it anymore.

Which remotes will it work with?
Any Logitech Harmony remote. This adapter allows your Harmony remote to control the PS3 just as it would any other AV component (cable box, TV, DVR, etc.) in your entertainment system. You will have access to special commands we’ve created through your Harmony online account, including a power-off macro that allows you to turn off the PS3, along with your entire entertainment system, with a single button. It is NOT designed for use with other remote controls.

Why not make a remote with Bluetooth built in?
We’ve certainly looked into it – but we don’t want to make our existing Harmony users buy a new remote for PS3 control, nor do we want to restrict this control to a single Harmony model. With the adapter, you can use any Harmony remote you’d like.

Last, here’s a setup tip to keep in mind once you get the adapter and go to update your Harmony remote via your online account: If you’ve previously added a PS3 device to your account, remove it and then add it back as a new device. This will give you all the new codes and controls you need for the PS3. We’ve created what we believe is a good default button configuration for you. But if you’re like me, you’ll want to spend some time tweaking the buttons to perfectly suit your own tastes and your own unique setup. Then it’s off to the couch to enjoy your Blu-ray HD experience. Enjoy!

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Update (September 23, 2009)

Hi everyone,

Thanks all for your continued feedback.

We’ve been able to reproduce the issue that some of our customers have reported when using game controllers in combination with our Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3. The issue exists in only the first batch of Harmony adapters we manufactured — the product that we’re currently producing works as expected.

The behavior is that the game controller loses its connection to or may fail to connect to the PS3 when the Logitech adapter is connected. These issues are most often seen with the new PS3 Slim, but we have also observed inconsistent behavior with the original PS3 and recent Sony firmware updates.

If you are experiencing similar behavior with your game controllers and our Harmony adapter, more information is available here.

Thanks for your patience, Troy


Global Product Marketing Manager, Gaming


  • I have the Nyko USB receiver too and it works well enough with my 880, however there isn’t a power on/off feature. Given that I’m debating on purchasing this or not.

  • Love the Harmony Remote and this will finish off the puzzle for my AV equipment, but there is no announcement on when this will be available in Australia. Amazon.com will not ship the PS3 Adaptor to Australia because of a trading embargo placed on it by Logitec in the States. Feeling a bit left out here :(

    • @Kevin and @Lee,

      It should be available in Australia beginning the week of June 10.


  • Enabling the Harmony adapter in the PS3, seems to disable the native PS3 remote, which stinks, as I like to use it in the the other room to control my PS3 (I have long HDMI on a switch run to another room). Any tips?

    • Hi Tom,

      You can only connect one Bluetooth remote or remote adapter to the PS3 at a time. For your specific setup, you might consider one of Logitech\’s RF remotes, such as the Harmony 890 or Harmony 1100 (and additional RF wireless extender), which can give you an approximate range of 100 feet (varies when obstacles such as walls come into play). One of these remotes, in combination with the PS3 adapter, gives you the ability to control the PS3/adapter without a direct line of sight.


  • Needs yet another power socket(not very green), not for me then. USB device powered by the PS3 was the way to go. Not wanting the adapter “the adapter to use up one of your valuable USB ports” is trite. Firstly there are 4 of them, secondly adding a usb hub is one of the easiest and cheapest way to add more usb ports.

  • I agree that $60 (apparently $84 in Canada) is much too expensive for an adapter. I have two PS3′s (one of which I won), and such an expense would be excessive. Something in the $20 to $30 range would be way more acceptable.

  • If this is US$60 I’d hate to think how much it’s going to be in Australia. Such a shame, I’d get it otherwise. My other option was to get an infra red remote (with adapter) for the ps3 and then ‘teach’ the logitech remote the buttons.. saw one of them in BigW here for AU$60 I think.

  • @Gerry
    Did you not read the article? It can’t use the USB ports on the PS3 because they do not deliver power when the PS3 is in standby mode. This would prevent you from switching the PS3 on with the Harmony remote.

  • Hi everyone,

    I live in sweden (Europe) and just received my harmony 1100, I had a harmony 1000 before which worked fine with my PS3 using the logitech RF extender connected to IR2BT via usb. I cant get this to work and I have tried buying this new official ps3 harmony adapter but its not possible for me to order because Im in europe. This is very bad I think, does anyone know which site to order ot from that can deliver to europe?

    I threw the old IR remote away since I only needed the adapter for it to work and now I cant transfer the IR codes because my old harmony 1000 is locked because I got the 1100 on warranty due to a faulty display.

    my email is gallantrymike@hotmail.com.

    I would appreciate any input

    Best Regards

    • Hi Michael,

      The Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3 should be available in Europe in early July.


    • Hi Casper,

      The adapter should be available in most parts of Europe — and Denmark — by mid-July.


    • Hi Freakhead,

      It is now available in a number of Best Buy and Future Shop stores and should be available online at Logitech.com shortly.


  • Ah, what irony.

    Isn’t Logitech Swiss? And I’m *in* Switzerland, but I have to wait until July, sigh.

    I have fought some battles with a Harmony 525 where the kit I have appears to be difficult to control (JVC DD3 for sound, a PS/3 playing BluRay and DVD, via optical link, and a Sony Bravia TV which appeared not so brilliantly supported) so I was about to give the thing to a friend. I may wait now, although buying a converter that costs almost as much as the remote control is something I have to think about..

  • This is good news! But it’s still not the “great” news I think a lot of people are waiting for!

    1) Having an adapter is great for those that already have a harmony and want to add PS3 support, but (like me) if you are thinking about a new universal remote then I’d be a LOT more tempted by one that has the bluetooth support on-board, by the size and power needs of a GSM bluetooth headset, the extra hardware and power needs can’t be that impossible to overcome can they?

    2) If a mobile phone and pda can pair itself with a variety of devices and speak a “Bluetooth language using hardware and software that is specific” then why can’t you download the specific codes for devices via the internet and pair them? Isn’t that exactly how you can auto setup a Harmony with IR codes?

    I much prefer the tactile feeling of buttons on a remote rather than a touch-screen, but a PDA with IR and bluetooth support seems to be a more complete solution still, it should be pretty easy to add bluetooth support to gadgets like light switches and sockets (IR and RF ones have been around for ages) etc. why can’t someone make a simple remote to control them all? Or am I asking for too much!?


  • Why isn’t this adapter working with my Harmony 1000 LCD screen remote. I followed the instructions to a T. But everything I programmed in works EXCEPT the F”ing PS3?

  • It’s now early July, any specific release date for the u.k?? Love my Harmony One and want the adapter to complete the set up of my home cinema.

  • I too am waiting for news on the UK release. I got my Harmony One about a month ago and just need this gizmo to compete my setup.

    Wish List: A Bluetooth based universal remote, then I don’t have to keep the thing pointed at the kit while it runs macros. Of course, there would have to be an IR repeater for most kit. You’d have though AV kit manufacturers would be adopting Bluetooth technology by now….

  • Also waiting for it to appear in the UK, disappointing that it wasn’t released in Europe first or at least at the same time as the US! Agree that a Bluetooth Harmony would be great!

  • Will the adapter work with the Monster AVL300 remote, which uses Logitech Harmony software but is not manufactured under the Logitech Harmony brand?

  • Hi!

    When is this supposed to be available in Finland and where can I first purchase it?


  • Ordered one from Logitech UK website on 13th still showing as no stock, when are we likely to see UK delivery?

    • Hi Kaya,

      Unfortunately, we don\’t have any plans to release this product in Singapore.


  • Troy,

    Thanks for your reply even though it is a weird that no intention to release this product in Singapore when we consider you carry full range of remotes. I am a bit dissapointed to hear this, could you pls advise if it is available somewhere in Asia?

  • I have a problem with my PS3 adapter. It keeps losing connection to the PS3. And when that happens, my PS3 gamepad loses connection too. I have to re-sync them back up. This has been happening 2-3 times per week for me and is unacceptable.

    What is wrong with this device? Is there a firmware upgrade?

  • Hi,

    same problem as John with my adapter.
    It is really unacceptable. Why is there no answer from logitech support?

  • Was just going to order this but not if there is still an issue with unpairing. Has it been resolved or are you still having problems?

  • I’m having a similar problem to John & Matthias. The adapter works find sometime but other times it looses the ability to control the PS3. It won’t turn the PS3 on. And other times it will turn it on but then not control the PS3 and the wireless controllers can’t connect – they just flash. I have to hold the button on the PS3 to turn it off/on to get the controllers working again.

    As stated, this problem is intermittent but frequent enough to be really annoying. I have a first gen PS3 (bought Nov ’06).

    Please fix!


    • Hi everyone,

      We\’re currently testing game controllers and Bluetooth remotes with PS3 Slim and PS3 firmware 3.00, and finding some inconsistent behavior and interaction between the different devices. We\’re also in touch with Sony and will post more information about these issues and solutions as soon as we can.

      For those who are experiencing problems, we very much appreciate your patience.

      Best, Troy

  • My setup is with wireless extender, and the problem is when I push the activity button for a second time logitech 895 loose its connection with PS3 (60 GB, first generation), also the controllers loose connection.
    (Sometimes you need to push the activity button twice since some components like tv or av receiver does not respond initially)
    I need to reset the PS3 by AC switch at the back side to overcome this problem.

    Although it is not a major problem for me, it should be fixed.. (but it is a major problem for my wife)

  • Hi.

    I have a really a annoying issue with my PS3 harmony adapter.

    The Setup.

    Logitech Harmony 525 Remote
    Logitech Harmony PS3 Adapter
    Playstation 3 80Gb
    Samsung PS42HQ7 (plasma)

    In the configuration i have choosen Playstation 3 for the remote.

    When ever i use my Logitech remote to controll the PS3, the “blue eye” on my tv reacts as if it´s picking up the transission sent to the PS3.

    The PS3 however reacts on the command sent, but you can imagen how frustrating it is when you navigate in the menues and for every press on a button, you get the blue flash blink from the TV.

    I have tried to play around with delays on the buttons wihtout results.

    Any one else with the same issue?

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks all for your continued feedback.

    We’ve been able to reproduce the issue that some of our customers have reported when using game controllers in combination with our Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3. The issue exists in only the first batch of Harmony adapters we manufactured — the product that we’re currently producing works as expected.

    The behavior is that the game controller loses its connection to or may fail to connect to the PS3 when the Logitech adapter is connected. These issues are most often seen with the new PS3 Slim, but we have also observed inconsistent behavior with the original PS3 and recent Sony firmware updates.

    If you’re experiencing similar behavior with your game controllers and our Harmony adapter, more information is available here.

    Thanks for your patience.


  • attn. Troy Petersen,

    Could you please inform us which PID numbers are OK and which are not?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Attn.: Troy Petersen

    We currently have 2 units with PID nr. LZ920BW, which units show the obove mentioned inconsistent behavior.

    In addition we have 1 unit with PID nr. LZ39365 which unit does not show the above mentioned inconsistent behavior.
    However, we observed the following inconsistent behavior;
    when using a mainswitch to power the PS3 and the PS3 Adapter at the same time, the PS3 is switched on by the PS3 adapter without giving any command.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me by email for any additional information.


  • Hi Troy,
    I am planning to get me one from Future Shop (Canada) this week, but I would like to avoid any trouble.
    So it would be great if I knew beforehand what PID I don’t want to get, instead of needing to run into the problem / calling support?

    Is there currenlty any way around it?
    Do you know if all currently sold units should NOT have the bug?

    Basically as R.C. was asking: Could you please inform us which PID numbers are OK and which are not?


  • Will it ever be possible to use the harmony adaptor AND have two controllers connected? (Instead of just one controller…)

    • Hi Anders,

      The PS3 can be connected to seven Bluetooth controllers at once, so the Harmony Adapter can be connected to the PS3 at the same time as up to six game controllers. The only limitation is that the PS3 can connect to only one Bluetooth remote at any time, so you wouldn’t be able to use both our Harmony Adapter and the Sony remote at the same time – but not sure why you’d want to do that anyway :)

      I hope that answers your question.


  • Attn.: Mr. Troy Petersen

    Subject: Logitech PS3 adapter

    Dear Mr. Petersen,

    We have one unit of a later production batch, which unit works as expected during operation.
    However, we observed the following inconsistent behavior;

    When using a “switched multi-way extension socket” to power on (amongst others) the PlayStation 3 as well as the Logitech PS3 adapter,
    the PS3 adapter activates the PlayStation 3 without giving any command with the remote control.

    We should be very pleased if you investigate this problem as well.
    Thanks in advance for your well appreciated cooperation.

    Look forward with interest to receive your well appreciated advice.


  • Thank you Troy, I discovered that my harmony adaptor was from “the first batch” of adaptors, and that is why I was having problems. Logitech told me that they will be replacing it soon. I was told that PID’s LZ922 and below were the ones affected.

  • First off, I use a logitech remote along with a wireless extender to control everything in my entertainment system. All my commands are routed through the wireless extender to free me of any line of sight issues. I recently acquire the PS3 adapter, but I am having issues configuring the activity using to transmit through my wireless extender and in turn transmitting to the PS3 adapter. I am missing all the simple commands under activity, but if I go to devices the controls are available to pause/FF/REW/Play, etc.

    I would like to continue to control everything through my wireless extender, and not have to toggle between device and activity to play (Device) and adjust the volume (Activity). Does anyone know a resolution to this issue?

  • Dear Mr. Petersen,

    We recently received a number of PS3 adapters with PID: LZ93775.
    During testing they still show the inconsistent behavior as described in my message of October 11 last.
    Again, I should very much appreciate an answer as to my message of October 11 last.

  • Hi Troy,

    Just wondering what the additional port on the back of the Harmony adaptor is for? It looks suspiciously like it should be able to be accept an IR blaster… It doesn’t happen to repeat all IR codes out that port, does it? Is there any way of perhaps upgrading the software to allow that operation, it would be extremely useful to have the Harmony adaptor being the only component outside my AV cabinet.

    Kind regards,

    Nicholas Reid

    • Hi Nicholas,

      The Adapter for PS3 is not an IR blaster. The adapter’s additional 2.5 mm port allows you to use a cable to directly connect it to a Harmony RF receiver (such as included in the new Harmony 900) or Harmony IR extender. With this hard-wire connection, you could hide the Adapter for PS3 anywhere in your entertainment cabinet and not worry about a line-of-sight from your IR remote.


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