Logitech Getting Ready for Windows 7

As one of the product managers in the Control Devices business unit (that’s Logitech’s way of saying mice and keyboards), I’m getting more and more questions about our support for Windows 7, particularly with today’s announcement from Microsoft. Rest assured, not only will we be supporting Windows 7, but we’ve been working closely with the Windows 7 team at Microsoft to improve the experience people will have when using our mice and keyboards with Windows 7.

One of my favorite new features is called Device and Printers. The beauty of Devices and Printers is that it provides one place where you can see all the peripherals attached to your computer, including your mouse and keyboard. You’ll be able to click on the picture of a device and configure it, and you’ll even be able to access Logitech software through Device and Printers. I think this will make it much easier for people to customize their mice, keyboards, webcams and other hardware attachments to their liking – and to take advantage of some of the features you might not have known how to configure in the past.

There will be much more to share as the official Windows 7 launch draws near, but for now I just want to let you know that we’ll be ready when Windows 7 is ready!


Senior Product Manager, Logitech


  • Anything at all Andy? Please don’t say soon. I don’t think anyone on the blog wants to hear soon. Been on RTM for over a month now on 5 64-bit PCs all with webcams but no software to run them. Drivers work that windows comes with or downloads, but adobe media encoder even with the low light light boost off still does not perform as it should.

  • Anything at all Andy? Please don’t say soon. I don’t think anyone on the blog wants to hear soon. Been on RTM for over a month now on 5 64-bit PCs all with webcams but no software to run them. Drivers work that windows comes with or downloads, but adobe media encoder even with the low light light boost off still does not perform as it should.

  • Yes, please give us an update. we are about a week away from GA of Windows 7 and would like to update our software. thanks for any insights you can provide!

    • Hi Jake (and others),

      As stated in previous posts, you can find information about Windows 7 support here.


  • Running Windows 7. diNovo Bluetooth Keyboard, Media Pad and Mouse. Works great until attempting to load Setpoint 4.6, 4.72, or 4.8. Bluetooth receiver attempts to locate devices but fails until software is uninstalled and system reboots.

    Then devices work but there are no advanced features to work with.

    Any advice?

  • The Windows 7 RTM 64-bit software makes the quickcam stx real choppy, was hoping logitechs driver would fix some of the issues, even with low light boost unchecked in adobe media encoder live, the quality just doesnt seem like what It should be, I usually have a few other options to tinker with the logitech software to make the image more fluid.

  • Hi,
    I have installed the windows 7 ultimate but i cant install my webcam that is the communicate stx but the older one (V-UAM14A). how can I install this?

  • I’m not sure I believe any of this commitment to Windows 7. I’ve had the full 64-bit RTM installed for quite a while. The only products I’ve had a problem with are Logitech’s Web Cam’s. The drivers refuse to install.

    When I unpackaged the EXE, windows wont recognize the drivers at all. The Quickcam program installs while outside of the EXE package, but still fails to start.


    Blaitant lies.

  • Still no Windows 7 release drivers available for the G19 or G13 gaming keyboards with less that a week to go for the new operating system? If I go to the products page and try to download drivers the options are only Vista, XP or Mac. I did manage to find a link eventually via your forums for a beta driver, but I (as many others) can’t get that driver to give full functionality to these devices. Customers seem to be left to post links to 3rd party sites for applications to make these products do what they are supposed to do.

    • Hi Ian,

      We’re working to include a Windows 7 option – in the meantime, if you select Windows Vista or Windows XP as your OS from the download page, the file that you download will be the non-beta version we designed for Windows 7. Thank you for your patience.


  • Hi guys,

    I just bought a new webcam (quickcam) for my wife, since she just upgraded from vista to windows 7, and her ancient webcam is no longer supported. Since the the package of your camera stated that it was compatible with vista, and you had plenty of time to make adjustments to (if at all needed) I am rather disappointed to find that the driver installation failed. Where are your win7 drivers?

    kind regards,

  • Hi, if i will adjusting volume, system goes slow down. On XP it’s everything ok ;-)

    I have MX Revolution and Wave, W7 Ultimate 32bit.

  • Recently purchased a few USB Headsets, model number H330 for use with Cisco IP Communicator. These work perfectly as expected on Windows XP, and Windows Vista. However if I use these with Windows 7, the noise is unbearable. Playing an sounds, even from the Sounds control panel applet, you just get a high pitched squealling noise.

    Initially thought about drivers for Windows 7, but after searching your site, cannot find anything. Also you site says these headsets are compatible with Windows 7.

    Please help!



    • Hi Marc,

      Are you referring to the Logitech Gaming Headset G330? If so you, shouldn’t need drivers – the 330 is a corded USB headset that’s plug and play.


  • I have windows 7 and cant get the bilt in web cam to work on my DEll M1210. Help! Can I get the drivers from you?

  • I’ve been reading all of these posts, and I can’t believe that my $80 Clearchat Pro Headset is USELESS on a brand-new Windows 7 PC running Home Premium 64-bit. I tried to use a link to the G35 headset driver for 64-bit vista…..but you can’t get it from your site. C’mon guys, this is POOR support. If I go back to a headset/microphone that is non-USB, I’ll never support Logitech products again, and I buy a ton for our business.

    • Hi Rick,

      The Logitech ClearChat Pro USB is a plug and play headset that does not come with drivers. It should work with your Windows 7 PC once you plug it in. If you’re having problems, please contact customer support at http://www.logitech.com/support).


  • I have V470 mice about 2 years already. It works well with XP, but I had to use Vista so far, and I had a lot of issues with this mice: time-to-time it down and it was hard to reconnect it again, tilt-scroll doesn’t work, the original software from Logitech created a lot of lags… Howerver I got the W7 as upgrade, and I wounder that all problems being solved. I was wrong. XP and Vista at least worked sometimes. But with W7 I can only detect he mice, however it doesn’t work at all, even in time of inicialising it’s appear as present, but nothing else. I was fan of Logitech before, but I don’t thinkl I’ll ever buy any further products. Ha-ha, by the way – it is funny to find the suggestion on support-site that my mice works wwell with W7 and SetPoint v.4.8 software. :-) I was surprised again when I found that were are only XP/Vista software support available – so I just can’t choose W7. Also, in XP/Vista only v.4.72 version is available. Nice, pretty nice support. I wish you good lack, dear Logitech. I don’t think I ever touch to you and your products again.

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