New Logitech Wave 450 Keyboard for Business

Hi, I’m Ziva Nissan, senior manager, product marketing for the Logitech for Business Markets group. I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA, am a very enthusiastic Lakers fan (especially right now!), and have worked in product marketing for business-to-business (B2B) peripherals for several years.

As I talk to IT professionals and employees at companies around the globe, one of their top priorities is comfort, defined as a sense of well-being and flexibility in their work spaces. This anecdotal information is validated by the results of a survey conducted by Herman Miller, Inc. (PDF), in which 500 office workers ranked “’having an office that is comfortable to work in” as the most highly valued workstation attribute across all worker types.

Logitech for Business’ recommended line of mice and keyboards is designed with comfort in mind – whether you are at your desk or on the go. Providing employees with products that are well-built, precise, and efficient is an important part of worker comfort. Tools with those attributes are also linked to productivity and job satisfaction.

For the past three months, I have been using a Logitech Comfort Wave 450 keyboard at my desk. I absolutely love this keyboard. The forward tilt under the cushioned palm rest keeps me comfortably positioned and the wave design of the keys cradles my fingers as I type away. I can honestly say that by the end of the day, my arms, wrists and hands feel much less fatigued and strained.

Check out the Learning Center on the new Logitech for Business site, where you’ll find innovation briefs: Design of Keyboard Comfort (PDF) and Delivering Comfort for Busy Professionals (PDF), which includes a study conducted on the Comfort Wave 450. And, if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.


Senior Manager, Product Marketing


  • How come the diNovo Edge™, Mac® Edition isn’t available outside the US, its not listed on the UK or other country Europe web site – where can I buy one in Europe. Or is a regulatory approvals problem, is it not approved for sale in Europe.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      There are a couple of responses to this question in Rory Dooley’s blog post about the diNovo Edge, Mac Edition. It is not available outside of the U.S., although you can purchase it on the U.S. site and have it shipped to the U.K. And yes, it will work in the U.K.

      All the best, Kate

  • I’ve had a G-19 on order in the Uk for months, but still no sign since logitech put back the release date in the US till mid may. I asked the logitech twitter profile first, but just got a ‘available may in the US’ answer with nothing confirmed

  • hmm…
    does this keyboard additional (‘multimedia’) keys works fine on linux? i.e – will i be able to get their keycodes via xev (so i could configure them later)?
    and, sort of suggestion about future version – could ‘negative tilt’ be like in microsoft ergonomic keyboard 4000? i.e – not 2 ‘legs’ but piece of plastic that is as long as keyboard? it of course could (should) be removable – the reason for it is that I (and probably quite a lot of other people) prefer to keep my keyboard on my knees /well… between knees and willy ;p/ instead of desk. it feels much more comfortable to write on it when i keep it this way.

    • Hi Szymon:

      Since the multi-media keys are HID standard usage, they will work on Linux. We are verifying the ability to get keycodes via xev and will get back to you as soon as is possible.


    • Hello again, Szymon:

      To further answer your question, you can get the keycodes with xev depending on the flavor of Linux.


  • How about producing a keyboard with a scroll wheel on the left side? I have an older Microsoft Office keyboard that has a scroll wheel, which I think is one of the best keyboards ever made. I would like to upgrade to a newer model, but no one makes one with a wheel.


  • hi, its me again
    after few weeks of using MS ergonomic keyboard 4000 it started to fail (and of course i’ve lost my receipt, so i cannot send it back on warranty :/), so i’ve got some questions:
    what is the difference between wave 450 and cordless desktop wave (apart from fact, that one is corded and apart from multimedia keys, also apart from fact that the second one have fixed palm-rest)? are ‘normal’ keys arranged in the same way in both versions (i mean: are there curved and waved in the same way)?

    btw, will Logitech introduce ‘negative tilt’ in it’s cordless keyboards (i’m thinking about cordless desktop wave in particular)?

    and, another questions: are both keyboards available in UK – style key arrangement (i’m thinking about large ‘enter’ key) (of course when bought within UK).

    I’ve also other questions: if i’ll plug this keyboard’s receiver into usb port on my comp, will i have to install drivers/software to use it’s (i.e. keyboards) ‘standard’ ( = non multimedia) keys? will i be able tu use it in, for example, BIOS (on motherboard new enough to contain drivers for /corded/ USB keyboards) and, as i asked previously (but about different keyboard), will i be able to get keycodes of those additional keys? do i need to use drivers to get connection between receiver and keyboard encrypted or is it ‘built in’?


    PS. English is not my native tongue, so pardon me if i made mistake 😉

    • Hi Szymon,

      Thank you for your further inquiries and interest — and by the way, your English is very lovely!

      The differences in the keyboards are as you list, plus the negative tilt for Comfort Wave 450. The \”wave\” style on the key frame is the same for both keyboards, and both keyboards are available in the UK layout. Today, the negative tilt feature is only available on the Comfort Wave 450.

      For the wireless Wave keyboard, the 128-bit AES encryption is built in — no software is required. For multimedia keys, any commands that are listed in the HID USB Usage Specification will work if the platform supports it. On the keycodes, same as above for this product — you can get the keycodes with xev depending on the flavor of Linux.

      If you have further questions or need additional clarification, let us know.

      Cheers, Ziva

  • How do you get logitech keyboads to have the # and GBP sign and @ and ” symbols in the rigght place?

    Cant find it on any support page and email support was supposed to up in mid october and it still isnt when I right this on November 6th!!!!


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