New: Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset

For gamers looking to be totally immersed in their game, the Logitech G35 headset offers 7.1 surround sound – a perfect complement to the growing number of action games and high-definition movies that support 7.1-channel surround sound. The headset is powered by second-generation Dolby® Headphone technology. Plus, with its ear-enclosing design, the G35 headset greatly reduces ambient noise from interfering with your entertainment, while an adjustable, noise-canceling microphone focuses on your voice and reduces background noise. In other words, your games will sound awesome and you’ll hear every explosion but you can still hear the phone ring in case you want to pause you game to take a call.

If you use popular chat clients such as Ventrilo or Team Speak, the G35 headset includes three keys on the left earpiece for one-touch command over voice morphing. Additional on-ear audio controls provide quick access to volume, microphone mute and surround sound adjustments. And to ensure your headset remains comfortable during long gaming sessions, the G35 headset features three swappable headbands so you can select the style that fits your head best. We want to make sure you are comfortable for those long gaming marathons. :)

G35 headset

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Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • This cool new gadget offers pc gamers the opportunity to enjoy an amazing audio experience due to the use of digital Dolby Technology and the built in 7.1 surround sound.

  • All these new toysa re nice and all but, just when will they be released In aus…… theres ZERO info about them atm, damn frustrating

    • Hi Phanda,

      Here’s a rough schedule for release dates in Australia:
      - The G13 should be available by the end of February or early March
      - The G35 and G9x should be available in March.
      - The G19 should be available in late April or early May.

      Hope this helps,

  • Sooooo.. When are the Mac OS X 10.5.x drivers coming for the G35?? :P “WoW” plays very nice on any intel mac, and vent works great too.. Soooo those G35′s would be the perfect match, but no OS X support :( Please say you are looking into this..

    • Hi Uplink,

      Although we have recently added retrospective mac support for several G-Series keyboards, I’m afraid we don’t currently have a Mac driver planned for the G35 headset. The G35 will work as an outstanding USB audio headset (with mic) without drivers, but unfortunately a dedicated driver will need to be written before the other special features (Dolby 7.1, G-keys , voice-morphing) can work on a Mac.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • The G35 seems like an epic headset but I’m concerned about support for various audio APIs such as EAX2 and OpenAL? I play plenty of PC games but their support for various audio technologies means I will need a pretty universal solution to enjoy these games to the fullest. Will the G35 be able to support all of them? If so, you’ll have me sold in a heartbeat.

    • Hi Jake – Thanks, \”epic\” is the word! I\’m lucky enough to be using a G35 – and my (expensive) Sennheisers are now gathering dust!

      To answer your question, yes, I believe that this is the universal solution you are looking for. The G35 is compatible with all common audio APIs used by game developers, including OpenAL and DirectSound. EAX is actually a set of proprietary hardware-resident libraries which the G35 does not have, however, for years now, games that include support for EAX also support one of these open APIs, so G35 won\’t miss a beat with surround sound playback. You\’ll get great quality, high-def, positional audio.


  • Hey, I know u mentioned the release dates for Australia are they the same for U.S. as well?
    Also, do you have a more specific date rather then just March?

    My headset just broke and this product looks awesome, I’d really like to wait on it but if its not coming until late late March then i don’t know if i’d be able to wait.

    • Hi D-Roc,

      It’s looking like the G35 will be available in the U.S. in early April.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • i tried to buy this from and it said that it was gonna ship in a month. is this product not out yet or what? the website just lists it, and it looks like it’s available.

    • Hi graig,

      I posted an answer about this on Feb. 23, but am happy to answer again — it will be available in the U.S. in early April.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    When will the Logitech G35 Gaming headset be available in South East Asia? Specifically, Singapore.

    Thank you.

  • Looks great, probably gonna buy this as soon as it comes out.
    Any news on europe release dates (holland to be exact)? hopefully this month.
    is the difference between 5.1 and 7.1 big? it sounds like a big difference but im wondering how much more you can actually hear?

    • Hi Jan,
      In terms of your question about 5.1 vs. 7.1 — Movies and games with Dolby 7.1 add an additional two “rear surround” sound channels over a 5.1 sound track to allow the director/producer to create additional discrete sound effects, and thus create a more immersive experience for the listener. The G35 models each of the discrete sound channels with the acoustic properties of the relevant speaker and feeds the 7 modelled speakers ( the “.1? is the subwoofer, or Low Frequency) into the two headphone channels to recreate the individual effects that the sound engineer put into the original mix. Is 7.1 it a big difference compared to 5.1? Well, that depends on the game/movie. However 5.1 or 7.1, if the effects are there, the G35 can reproduce them.
      More info here:

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Do you folks expect any further delay for the US release? I hope the headset will be available early March and not the end of it since it wasn’t specified. I was almost heartbroken when I saw the delay. Still waiting for the green light :)

  • @ Ruben Mookerjee, Thank you Thank you Thank you, i have been looking for G-series release dates for aus for about an hour now and you have em WD… :)

  • “Hi Draco,

    The G35 will be available in early May in the U.K.

    Cheers, Ruben”

    Im guessing may for spain too….I just hope it doesnt get delayed more, i was hoping for the march release date…but then again, I’ll wait for a well finished and well tested product any day.

    Thanx for the feedback Ruben, gotta love logitech..

  • Can you post anymore fun experience you’re having Ruben? Some more teasing would be fun :P Honestly!

    The software for the voice morphing, how is it like?

  • Ruben, will the g35 be available in stores like best buy at the release date or will it hit online first and then work its way out?

  • If you guys tried out the Plantronics Gamecom 777 headset which features Dolby Headphone 5.1 then the G35 is a lmost the same with 7.1 The positional audio is subtle in Dolby headphone. I would say wait for the Razer Megalodon to try it out first. Also, Psyko 5.1 headset gonna be available in April which won CES 2009 Best Innovation award.

    • Hi Jin,

      An important distinction between the G35 and the competition is the G35 processes all 5 or 7 discrete channels of audio, using all the positional data to reproduce the surround-sound experience in the headset. The Plantronics GameCom 777, on the other hand, only receives a stereo, 2-channel signal (regardless of what the game or movie can output) and then simulates two surround channels and a center channel. The G35 can do this as well with stereo content. I have not compared the G35 with the latest Razer headset, however, here’s a recent review by someone who has.


  • Having used various logitech products over the years and being VERY pleased with each one of them I was VERY disppointed to learn that these headphones are USB. I realise USB is a very versatile format but when it comes to audio it does not hold up. I will often be doing file transfers to and from various USB storage devices while listening to music or playing a game and from my knowledge of USB this is certain to impact on the sudio quality of the headphones. I understand you may have been trying to keep things simple and just have 1 plug for audio, mic and control buttons but I’d rather not sacrifice my audio quality for simplicity. Another problem is for those people that have high end sound cards, these headphones are essentialy useless to them. A better solution would have been to have the regular 3.5mm jacks for audio and mic and a USB connection for the controls and just have it bound into 1 cable and split out at the end to plug into the computer, this would maintain audio quality when the USB is being used for any large data transfers and make it able to utilise high end audio equipment.

    Sadly this is one logitech product I will not be purchasing.

    • Hi Jason,

      I’m sorry that the G35 won’t be the headset for you, and I understand your perspective. I also consider myself a bit of an audiophile, and your concerns were foremost in our minds during development. The primary focus was on creating an excellent sounding circumaural headset – and our success in that has been reported in the recent press coverage of the G35. Personally, I have been very satisfied that the G35/USB audio performance is at least as good the speakers and high-end soundcard on my own gaming rig, and superior to my previous analog headphones in that same sound card. And as well as the convenience factor that you mention, the USB architecture was needed for the Dolby Headphone 7.1 technology.


  • Regarding the USB connection,
    Hi I am always looking for the best in components for my computer. My recent need for a set of headphone (twin boys) brought me to find the highest quality headphones I could find. I did some research and purchased Tritton™ AXPRO 5.1 surround sound headphones. I must admit I was happy when they arrived. After hooking up the USB cord the Optical cords, the TWO power supply cords, plugging those cords into their decoder, and plugging the headphones into the decoder, I looked at the giant nest which I made on my desk. I was blown away that any company would make such a ridiculous setup; I packaged all the wires back in the box and returned it to Costco.
    So I am more than happy to see that Logitech is using a single USB cord. After having been through the recent disappointment of the corded mess, Logitech once again has shown their innovation by making a user-friendly set of headphones.
    Way to go Logitech

  • We’re in the latter part of March now and I was wondering when in the world is this headset coming out?? Any update on the release date for U.S.? Many thanks.

    I’m very close to just jumping on the razer bandwagon, pls hurry!

  • It’s been said that the release will be early April
    “It’s looking like the G35 will be available in the U.S. in early April.”

    Does seem to be that way since there are more websites doing reviews lately. I can’t wait either! Been waiting without a headset since January for launch :D

  • Reviews i have only read one atm i would like to read some more Plus i thought this was coming out in march in Australia. I lituraly can not wait for this one to come out!!! Plus people have been saying that because its usb the sound wont be as good as one that goes direct into the sound card?

  • I’m very excited to (hopefully) see the G35 hitting the stores soon! That said, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to tell us about your driver necessity and policy for this product. As a G15, G13 (and soon to be G19) user, one reason I continue to purchase Logitech G-series products is the apparent commitment to open source drivers – I love that a SDK comes along with the G-series keyboards so that users can make their own applications, and it is easy to port their usage to other operating systems.

    Having read that the G35 will absolutely require Logitech drivers, I’m a little concerned – many USB headsets at least show up as a stereo USB audio device without specific drivers. Will the G35 work under Linux? Will there be a SDK involved that will provide some, if not all the features for Linux use? Would you be able to tell us what audio hardware is found in the G35?

    Again, I thank you for your commitment to free software in the past, and hope it continues with the G35! If so, it is a sure purchase from me!

    • Hi Blackstone,

      The G35 headset will enumerate as a USB Headset if it is plugged into a PC without the Logitech driver software installed, and it will show up as an audio device and operate as a headphone/mic as you would expect. However, without the Logitech software installed, you will lose the advanced features of the G35 (Dolby Headphone 7.1, voice morphing, mic mute, G-button functions, etc.).
      I’m afraid we don’t have formal plans to support Linux with G35 today, but our philosophy with all of the G-Series products is to enable upgrades over the product lifetime. We will certainly consider your request for G35 Linux support in our software development discussions. Thanks for your positive feedback on the other user SDKs we’ve released – as a result, there are some outstanding community-created applications available for the G-Series products, and we will continue to strive to deliver tools to our users that will help make current (and future) products even better.


  • Update on US Release Date?

    I just broke my headphones – don’t lose my sell! Release now :)

  • Would also like an update. My old headset has been broke over 1.5 months. Waiting for these but I can’t stand using my Ipod ear piece anymore. I may go back and buy speaker and deal with the wife yelling at me to turn it down again.

  • Hello,
    earlier on you mentioned that the Logitech G35 headset would be available in March to Australians. Today it is April 1st in Australia and I am unable to find any online stores selling them. I am curious as to whether the release was delayed for some reason. I myself am a gamer and my current headset has just about had it and I am in need of a new headset. I have been watching the G35 headset for some time now and I believe it’s just what I need in a headset so I’m hoping I will be able to buy one for a decent price.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Blackout,
      The G35 should be on store shelves in Australia in 2-3 weeks. Likely retail stores include JB Hi-fi, Dick Smith, Electronics Boutique, and Harvey Norman.
      Cheers, Ruben

  • At this point I would accept an April Fools joke saying it was released today. Just knowing someone responded to the constant questions asking for release date would make me happy.

    Throw us a bone….Something …After all we are willing to spend 100+ on a pair of headsets in this day of economic downturn/layoffs/etc.

    I think we deserve it. Please logitech.

    • Hi Martin,

      I’m pulling availability information and will update you tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

      Cheers, Ruben

    • Update re: availability in the U.S.: Late next week Week of April 13
      Best Buy: Second half of May

      Update re: availability in Canada:
      Online in the second half of May

      Cheers, Ruben

    • Martin, I have confirmation that the G35 should be available throughout Europe in late May/early June. Still waiting on more info for the U.S.
      Cheers, Ruben

  • I have confirmation that the G35 should be available throughout Europe in late May/early June

    OMG!!! this is bad :(

  • Hi Ruben,

    Those delay in release dates are more than disappointing. I ordered the G35 already with an expected shipment date of March 27th, now it’s (still) standing on April 10th.
    But i read in this blog that it will be available in Europe (Netherlands) not earlier than May / June. This is bad ;-( !

    Is there any (good) reason for these delay or is this marketing at work in (over)hyping a product?

  • Got today the message from the retailer that the expected delivery date is postponed to May 13th.

    I think i want to cry …

  • Well, today is the end of the week, an nothing yet. Maybe next week? Or is it it being delayed even longer?

  • Arf …… logitech just could advise their potential clients about when it will be released…..
    It was march, april and now at the middle of may …. and we are quite sure that it will be at the end of june with the razer megalodon….
    They don’t communicate and don’t care about their clients …. shame but it’s logitech !

    But i am still waiting for this product ;) even the don’t care about us and just selling …. shame a second time or it will be a senheiser 350 ……

  • Yeah it is the end of the week, still waiting!!!

    The webpage for the G35 says “Notify Me”, but if you click on Find Retailers, it will show that has it in stock. Upon clicking the “Buy Now!” button I’m sent back to the main Logitech page.

  • I would venture to say that this is evidence of why companies don’t put out release dates. Its rather disappointing. I have been checking the site several times a day to see when they would be for sale, since it was posted that it would be “late this week”.

    Seams like they could have posted something about the delay by now.

  • They have no plans to release it before July 2023. They’re just trying to keep that carrot insight so you don’t buy something else in the mean time.

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