Logitech’s New G13 Advanced Gameboard

Hello, I’m Vincent Tucker. I’m a global product marketing manager in the Gaming business unit here at Logitech. I have been with Logitech for four years and in the gaming industry for more than eleven years. I work out of Logitech’s Fremont office in the Bay Area. It seems I’ve been around the world, though there are always new places to visit. Recently, I’ve been working my way through the top 100 best movies and books of all time. It’s quite a task but is totally worth the effort in my opinion.

The G13 Advanced Gameboard has been a special project for me. I, like so many others, have been playing game after game on the PC for as long as computer games have existed. My current gaming focus is World of Warcraft (WoW). I have been playing a Priest in WoW since the ‘Friends and Family’ alpha stage in January 2004. It is an excellent game and I have a great time playing with real-life and online friends I have met along the way.

My objective for the G13 was to make something that would help me be a better player. I’ve been using a keyboard for all my gaming, but regardless of button mapping or macro programming, I felt I’d reached a plateau in my gaming proficiency. My biggest desire was to address two of my gaming shortfalls:

1. I travel quite a bit and playing on a laptop keyboard is not fun; and
2. I wanted to move as many of my quick-bar keys as possible to a position under my fingers.

I tried to play on my laptop on many of my trips but it wasn’t comfortable or particularly efficient. I felt my play suffered so much that I would simply solo or grind rather than get into instance groups. Also, when I played on my laptop while traveling or at home, moving my hand off W, A, S, and D, and reaching over to activate a distant key not only took time, but also prevented me from reacting to some dynamic circumstance.

The G13 has greatly improved my performance. I regularly receive compliments on my healing prowess from both my Cauldron Born Guild-mates and random pugs. Sadly, this does not affect my leadership position on the death meters … though this is really an “under-tanking” issue! I die so frequently my guild has renamed “Spirit of Redemption” after me. Perhaps I need to send a G13 to my main tank. :-)

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Senior Global Marketing Manager, Gaming


  • I think Logitech should have made it clear when this product was actually available. Personaly I’m starting to get a bit fed up of looking for this item and my gadget money is going elsewhere. I hope the quality is good I have a feeling that there may be a manufacturing issue here, noticed this a lot with the global climate like it is.

  • I have to agree with Anthony. It is especially strange that you are able to order a product that is not even on stock given that somewhere in mid February there was a time window where it did not say “Please notify me” but you were actually able to place an order in the shop. To a normal customer this means: The item is on stock and will be delivered to the customer upon payment. But now we have almost mid March and there is still no information as to when the item will be delivered. Honestly said, I feel a bit like being “drawn over the table” as a Swiss customer by a Swiss company.

  • Fry’s? Seriously…?

    So you’re in luck if you live in the United States of Texas, Arizona and California… everyone else (who doesn’t want to risk the kind of perma-delayed issues I had with Amazon) is up a chocolate creek without an ant to piss on eh?

    I’m not sure how much this is Logitech’s fault, probably not much… but if you folks don’t do something soon your “game changing” product is going to die a quiet and lonely death.

    Any recommendations as to who we can light up at Best Buy to get them to take their head out of their… well, you know…?

    Thanks… especially for disclosing that I can finally stop wasting my time checking Best Buy for one of these. Those freaking r-tards.

  • Is Logitech going to fix the (thumb) joy stick issues so a person that wants to play Call of Duty or some other game that requires the movement to also include going diagonal?

  • I follow your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  • i brought my g13 from fry’s and i played it for world of warcraft for about 3 weeks.. and now the LCD plane has blown out. this is a piece of junk.

    • Hi Sidstylez,

      The G13 is designed to be used with the left hand. Unfortunately, we don\’t have a version that can be used with the right hand.


  • Ok, as of 10-03-09 Still looking for the G13 and the only retailer I’ve found that has it is Fry’s ( a place that is far from me and that I like less then going to a dentist). I have a Best buys down the street, they don’t even know what it is, Game Stop, says it sounds cool they have to look it up, and not even site of it in a Wal-mart, K-mart or under a rock!! I can order it on line, but I hate ordering on line, I want a person to pester with questions, you know like in the old days before on line sales!! More importantly I want a retail store that if I have a problem with it I can exchange it that day for one that will work or if I have questions on installation can answer them (that may be asking a lot). Well hope I get to seethe G13 in a local store soon (other then Fry’s), my Belkin N52 is wearing and would like to replace it with a G13, but then again the N52 has worked well and can be found in local retail stores.!!

  • Hi Jesse,

    Best Buy was a little low on stock for a while, but they should have plenty of stock on the way to the stores. Perhaps your local Best Buy was temporarily out, of inventory, although I’m not sure why the store associates didn’t know about the product. The G13 is also available at Microcenter.


  • I love what the G13 is doing in improve the efficiency of my workflow. That’s right workflow! As a wedding photographer, I typically have thousands of images to process with repetitive tasks. The products which are marketed to photographers typically cost $350. When I saw the G13 in BestBuy it might provide the same solutions. A little research proved the G13 could be adapted to the needs of a photographer.

    With little effort, I was able to either create Photoshop (PS) custom keyboard shortcuts or actions to access the PS commands. While I don’t use Adobe Lightroom (LR), I understand there are photographers who have used the G13 with LR. With my Logitech wireless mouse in the right hand and the G13 in the left, watch out! I use the G13 with my other photo editing software to reduce my keystrokes and improve my efficiency. I no longer have to remove my right hand from the mouse to type PS shortcuts (ie CTRL L, CTRL U). I would love the opportunity to speak with you concerning the untapped potential of the G13.

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